[Review]Haikelite MT07s (Written + Video)

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[Review]Haikelite MT07s (Written + Video)

The Haikelite MT07s is an affordable medium range thrower that’s pretty well built and thought out. It’s quite large in size. Thanks to Banggood for sending this light out for review.

Full Image Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/GmJl3
Video Review on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9bcGvADW5VI

Size & Construction
This is a big flashlight, no way around that. It’s a good deal larger than a traditional pop can style light. It’s more like a 20 ounce pop bottle or beer bottle . It’s too big to carry in a pocket or belt pouch but would go in a decently sized bag easily enough. It’s lighter than it looks though. With batteries it came in at 26.07oz, This light is mostly made from Aluminum that in my case has been anodized Silver . The front ring a polished steel and leads down into the double reflective coated glass and reflector . The lens is pretty large and doesn’t feel very thick. The reflector is deep, smooth, and highly reflective. This helps give the light it’s throwing capability. Further down the head you have areas milled out to control heat on this light, and add grip in the knerling . There is a threaded tripod hole opposite the button on the head of the light. It comes with a screw in adapter allowing it to use ⅜ or ¼ the two most common sizes which is good. This can also be used as a place to attach a lanyard.

The light comes apart easily into several pieces . The head is it’s own piece, and has a spring that interfaces with the center tube which has spaces milled in for the batteries . The body tube has decent knerling for grip and is its own capsule. The tail cap has large springs and a circuit board to make connections between the batteries. It has two pins with different sizes that will make sure the cap gets put on correctly electrically . This light will tail stand.

LED + Beam + Output
The Hakelite MT07s uses a Cree XHP70.2 LED. This is a rather large die and you can see the 4 emitters under the package . The tint of this XPH70.2 is neutral white. Hakelite’s published figures are for the cool white version and according to BLF and other reviews the real output with the neutral white version is around 4500 lumens.

The beam pattern of this light is a little different. It has a noticeable donut of brighter light close up and longer distances. It’s a mix between throw and flood. The throw portion is fairly narrow due to the deep reflector. On the edges especially of the spill it has some ugly blue/purple tint cast . More so than any other light I have. It’s noticeable in photos and to the eye.

Runtime + Temps
Runtimes of this light were pretty good but not quite as even as I would have thought. It stepped down after 5 minutes on turbo and then maintained about 74% of output for about 75 minutes which is good but during this it regulated up and down a bit. Before low voltage protection kicked in the light does flash up turbo before shutting down. Output is listed at 5000 lumens but for the neutral white version it’s closer to 4500. Temperatures were well regulated. This big light has a lot of material to heat up and help cool the light. I never found it too hot to hold.

This light uses a 4S battery configuration in combination with a 6V emitter/driver. Because of this it’s important to marry cells with this light for safety. They should all be the same model of cell and be of similar age and charge level. It’s recommended to use button top batteries with this light, however if you remove the protective plastic disks on both sides you can get a better connection to run flat tops.

Low is rated for 200 lumens
Medium 1 at 550 lumens
Medium II at 1300 Lumens
High at 2300 lumens
Hidden Turbo at 5000 lumens

This light has a pretty standard UI. Single click on and Off. Long click to change modes. Double click to turbo and double click again to strobe, and there is memory in all modes. I found myself sometimes trapped in strobe but appreciated it wasn’t part of the main group. I would prefer Turbo to be in part of the main group but a shortcut is nice too. There is a moonlight that can only be accessed by holding the power button from off for two seconds. Lockout is available by a single click followed by a long click. Repeat to unlock. The power button changes color when the battery levels decrease. Solid blue is 50-100%, flashing blue is from 9% – 50% and below 9% red led flash. You can remove the thermal control if you want but I don’t recommend it.

Packaging is very basic on this light. It’s a brown paper box with the Haikelite sticker placed on top. Inside is foam that holds the light, extra o rings, a large card which serves as a quick start guide, the thread adapter for the tripod hole and a piece of paracord that could be used as a lanyard.

This is a nice option from Haikelite if you are looking for a large general purpose light with some real ability to throw. It’s not small and not an EDC option but would be good for times where you are needing a lot of light for a long period of time. If you have some airflow over it then it will run until the batteries can’t sustain the voltage required. Heat is pretty well controlled for such a large lumen light thanks to its large size.

I like the Neutral White tint in this light even though it’s on the cooler side and has some tint shift across the beam. I find the beam pattern to be pretty useful but the donut in the center is noticeable and undesirable in my opinion. That said the price is attractive for a light with this type of throw and output. Take a look on Banggood if you are interested in adding this to your collection.

Banggood has provided a coupon where you can get the HaikeLite MT07s for $51.95 with coupon code 7a38ab at https://goo.gl/BLwhif

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Thanks for the fine review , liquidretro .

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