[Review] Nitecore MT06MD *UPDATE* ... Pupil Gauge + Nichia 219B

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[Review] Nitecore MT06MD *UPDATE* ... Pupil Gauge + Nichia 219B

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Nitecore recently updated their new MT06MD penlight WITH 2xAAA (initially released in early 2017) and they sent me a new one to test and I wanted to give you guys an update.


Here is my review of the previous MT06MD: https://civilgear.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/nitecore-mt06md-penlight-review/


Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Update Review CivilGear 004



Nitecore MT06MD Penlight Update Review CivilGear 005


Overall, it is functionally and optically the exact same light as before but now with a pupil gauge on the side, which reinforces it’s use as a medical device. Unfortunately, the pocket clip can still get a little bent out of shape but see below how get the clip off to fix this. Still love the neutral Nichia 219B led!


Now that the pupil gauge has been added, users may expect a more narrow and uniform beam pattern which is more typical for this type of single-task type medical device. With that in mind, this light would have been a great candidate to be one of Nitecore’s first aspherical type light; dare I say a mini ‘zoomie’ and called it the MT07 or maybe even “MD” for “Medical Device” instead of MT and keep the basic penlight MT06 in production.


Consider the rest of this review a supplement to my previous review.






Outside the look is exactly much the same except the new pupil gauge.



To fix the pocket clip, I used a couple of rubber bands so I didn’t scratch the surface, and with batteries in the tube so it doesn’t get crushed. I then used to pliers to twist and break the tread lock compound applied during manufacturing.




I measured the light output in relative LUX and I have not spent time yet to calibrated for lumens or factored % of max output. The charts I’ve provided, while are literally quantitative, I suggest using as a qualitative reference for how the output may behave over time; typically lights aren’t left on this long and the max output can be reset. It’s worth to note that the runtime table provided by Nitecore states, “Runtime for TURBO [and] HIGH is calculated based on theoretical arithmetic.” so there isn’t physically reproducible in my tests.

Temperature measurement condition is at room temp and currently no fan cooling.

I am still very new at doing these types of measurements so I am no authority on on this subject, but please let me know if things don’t look right or you see anything that I could do to improve for next time.



Very stable output on HIGH, and lasted about 4h 50m.

Slight step down over first 4 min.

I’m surprised the max temp, on the head, was only about 77 degrees F.



I did some quick checks and there is no PWM on any of the levels, as advertised.




Uses single domed NICHIA 219B LED.


*NEW* I purchased a new sensor that can measure beam angle and I have combined it with my light sensor to be able to help show flood vs throw (or I sometimes call spotty).

Nitecore does not advertise the beam angle of the main LED but I measured a total beam angle of 70 degrees with a spot of about 30 degrees. The first rectangular graph helps a bit better to see what angle the spill starts at as usually it is quite a bit dimmer then the center. It’s quite possible that a very low lumen outer spill might not register using these methods.




  • Pupil gauge is a nice touch and dots are correct size
  • Love the neutral color


  • Clip is still not very resilient, needs some force to fix if clip gets bent
  • I’d like to see a aspherical lens making a very uniform beam pattern with a harder edge
  • I’d also like to have the beam be more narrow to have better control when checking pupils as the spill can sometimes cause iris to close, perhaps even make it a zoomie and have best of both?


Currently the penlight is around $30 USD on amazon. If you appreciated my review and would like to support my work, I’ve provided an Amazon affiliate link to the featured product.

Nitecore MT06MD 180 Lumen Nichia LED Medical Penlight Flashlight For Doctors, Nurses and EMTs with 2x AAA (affiliate)




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