piggybacking driver to p60 module

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piggybacking driver to p60 module

does anybody know if i can piggyback a driver to a p60 module and if so what driver do you recommend

Steven W Rhea

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When you say “piggyback”, do you mean “integrate”? As in, build it into a P60 pill? yes, you can.
This simple pill takes 17mm drivers with low depth, as an example.

I would recommend a linear driver that draws up to 3A. You could try more, but the traditional P60 pills might not be able to cope with the heat.

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You could do that, but P60 pills are so cheap it would be better to just build a new module with the driver.

What exactly do you mean by piggyback anyways?

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I guess you want to change the UI without too much effort by somehow appending a new driver. I don’t think you can add a new driver easily without removing the original, at least in a way that the module will still fit. Also this should be either in the 18650 or in the Modding section.