REVIEW Klarus XT32

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REVIEW Klarus XT32

KLARUS XT32 cool white



The Klarus XT32 was sent to me for review by Klarus through its official distributor in Italy LameLancette.

For the description and technical data of the house:

The Klarus XT32 can be purchased at Banggood, Gearbest, Amazon etc.




The new Klarus XT32 is a torch aimed at shooting, perfect for lighting at great distances and suitable for hunting, hiking, camping, search and rescue activities etc. The XT32 is equipped with a CREE XP-L HI v3 LED capable of delivering 1200 lumens for an intensity of 250000 Cd. Its radius covers a distance of 1000 meters and is powered by two 18650 (or 4xCr123a) batteries. It has IPX8 water protection and is equipped with the ITS intelligent temperature protection system.


Main features:


  • Gen 4 Tactical and Hunting flashlight, long extended range, high performance, and patented revolutionary technology.
  • CREE XP-L HI V3 LED,max brightness up to 1200 lumens.
  • Precision manufactured reflector with optimized design for extended range illumination, improved spotlight performance, max beam distance up to 1000 meters, exceeds current industry level.
  • Patented Dual Tactical Tail Switch and side switch design to meet different user need; easy, intuitive operation.
  • Full range of options: one-touch Strobe,one-touch Turbo,one-touch Low,Mode Memory function,SOS,multiple modes,side switch lock-out.
  • Two settings: Classic tactical setting, hunting setting.
  • Newest ITS Intelligent Temperature Protection System, monitors internal temperature and adjust output for maximum brightness, protects LED and internal components to ensure safety, stability, optimum performance, and user comfort.
  • Lock-out function of the side switch prevents accidental or unnecessary activation.
  • Intelligent capacity indicator; monitor remaining battery capacity any time.
  • Front and Rear mounted springs protect against shocks and drops.
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy construction; CNC precision machining; Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing, rugged and anti-abrasion.
  • Hardened and AR-coated lens, anti-abrasion and high light transmittance.





  • CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, lifetime up to 50,000hours.
  • Factory default is Hunting Setting.
  • 4 lighting levels and 2 strobe modes.
  • Working Voltage: 5.0 V-12.8V.
  • Compatible Batteries: 2 x 18650 batteries with PCB protection or 4 x CR123A batteries.
  • Reflector: Mirror polished reflector.
  • Switch Type: Dual-Switch Tail cap, Side Switch.
  • Dimension: (Head) 63.6mm (2.50”) x (Body) 25.4mm (1.00”) x (Length) 243.2mm (9.57”).
  • Weight: 263g (9.28oz) (w/o battery).
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, Mil-Spec HAIII Anodizing.
  • Lens: Hardened and AR-coated lens, anti-abrasive.
  • Accessories Included: 1 x Lanyard, 2 x O-Ring, 1 x Holster, 2 x 18650 Battery, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x K2 Charger.







The Klarus XT32 is sold in a beautiful cardboard box with magnetic closure. The main characteristics of the torch are specified on it. Opening the box we find inside the torch with the included accessories that are (KIT version): holster, lanyard, 2xO-Ring, 2x 18650 batteries, charger with USB cable and manual.

On the manufacturer's website are available other accessories not included in the package.










The batteries supplied in the "KIT" package are two 18650 protected by 2600 mAh marked Klarus.
The Klarus XT32 has an operating voltage between 5 V and 12.8 V, so we can not use four 18350 batteries to power it.
The charger, also of Klarus brand and present in the "KIT" package, can charge two batteries with different chemistry (Li-ion, LiFePO4, NI-MH and Ni-Cd) and also has the powerbank function with a max output of 1 Ampere.
Using the charger supplied by Klarus, the two 18650 at the end of the charge were 4.19v.





In charge.





The holster supplied with the Klarus XT32 has a velcro closure and protects only the torch head. Good thicknesses that make the case rigid and safe. At the back there is a hard plastic D-ring at the top and a double loop in the middle, one of which is a velcro closure.
Some difficulties in removing it from the holster is due to the Cigar Grip which slightly hinders the operation.






The Klarus XT32 is composed of three parts: head, body and tail. The XT32 is well built in aluminum alloy, the torch anodization is smooth and semi-gloss. The edges are beveled and the weight is well distributed in fact, despite the size, it holds well in your hand. It is not possible, however, to put it on its feet (tail standing).





Starting from the head we see the large reflector with the CREE XP-L V3 LED in the middle. They are also featured the three cooling fins and a vertical knurling that facilitates the grip, in addition to the crenellated edge. The glass has anti-reflective coating and the dish is smooth (SMO).







On the head we find the large side button with a silver gear-shaped ring around it. The click is decided and not too noisy. At the center of the button we have a translucent point with a notification led below that will indicate the charge level of the batteries installed on the torch. The indication works only if we use 18650 batteries.
Once the torch is on, the LED lights up for 5 seconds to indicate the charging status:

If Green we have 70-100% residual charge.
If Orange we have 30-70% residual charge.
If Red we have a residual charge below 30%.
If Flashing Red we have a residual charge of less than 10%.



As for other torches of this size there is no hole for the tripod that could certainly serve in certain circumstances.


On almost the entire body of the Klarus XT32 we find a cross-braided knurling that facilitates grip and gives a better look to the torch. On both sides we have two smooth parts where on one we find the writings clearly legible and of excellent workmanship.




The threads arrive well greased and are not anodized. At the base of these we find the water seal O-ring and the cigar grip with a hole for a lanyard. Even by completely screwing the tail cap the cigar grip continues to turn on itself.





On the tail cap we find the two buttons Primary Switch and Mode Switch and a hole where the lanyard will be inserted.




By unscrewing the head from the body, held firm by the threadlocker, we notice the particular chamber, where the batteries will be housed inside, which acts as a positive and negative connection for the management of the tail buttons. If we try to exclude it from its housing, we will no longer be able to use the two switches on the tailcap. Both positive and negative we have plated springs (double to negative) that offer good resistance to shocks and backlashes.








The Klarus XT32 along with other torches.


From left: Olight M3XS-UT, Klarus XT32, Acebeam K70, Nitecore TM26GT e Battery 18650 Klarus.






The Klarus XT32 provides two different modes of use, Tactical and Hunting. Depending on the configuration chosen we will have different settings of the buttons. The torch is configured in the factory with the Hunting mode.

User Setting Change
To switch from Hunting mode to Tactical mode and vice versa, you will act as follows:
press and hold the Side Switch from off for 10 seconds (the light will flash quickly at the Low level). At this point without releasing the Side Switch let's press the Mode Switch. If the LED makes a single flash it means that we are in "Setting 1" (Tactical Mode), if you make two it means that we are in "Setting 2" (Hunting Mode). Release the Side Switch when we are in the desired way.




On the Klarus XT32 we find three buttons for level management. To manage the various combinations it seems complicated, but with a bit of easy ivent practice.

So we have the Mode Switch, the Primary Switch and the Side Switch.



User Setting 1 (Tactical Setting)

Primary Switch:
1 - From power off by pressing lightly you will have the Momentary On, releasing it will switch off.
2 - From power off by pressing firmly (click) you will go to Turbo. Press and release to turn off.

Mode Switch:
1 - From power off press to go to Strobe, at this point if you release within two seconds the torch turn off, if we press intensely for more than two seconds it stays in strobe and with another click it turn off.
2 - From  power ON press to go to Strobe, then press for more than two seconds to stay in Strobe and then click to go to Turbo.
3 - From power on, click to cycle from Low, Turbo and High.

Side Switch:
1 - With a click we turn on the torch and cycle to the Low, Turbo, High and Medium levels. We press for a second to turn off.
N.B. When the Tail Switch is activated, the Side Switch can not turn off the flashlight. The torch can return to the memorized mode when it is switched on again.
2 - From power off press long for a second to go to the Low level.
3 - Double click to go to Strobe, another double click to go to SOS. A click to return to the previously used mode.


User Setting 2 (Hunting Setting)

Primary Switch:
1 - From off, press lightly to go to Momentary On. Release to turn off.
2 - From off press more (click) to go to Turbo. Press and release to turn off the flashlight.

Mode Switch:
1 - From off press to go to the Low level. Release in a second to turn off.
2 - From off press for more than one second to put in Low level. Click to cycle from Low, Medium, High and Turbo. Press for more than one second to turn off.
3 - From on, click to cycle from Low, Turbo, High and Medium.

Side Switch:
1 - With a click we cycle from Low, Turbo, High and Medium. Press for a second to turn off.
N.B. when the Tail Switch is activated, the Side Switch can not turn off the flashlight. The torch can return to the memorized mode when it is switched on again.
2 - From off, press for one second to go to the Low level.
3 - Double click to go to Strobe. Another double click to go to SOS. Now click to return to the previously used mode.


Lockout Function.
It is possible to electronically lock the torch acting on the Side Switch.
Keep the Side Switch pressed for 5 seconds (the LED will flash quickly three times to warn you that the lock has occurred). To exit the block, simply click the "Side Switch" three times in a row.
N.B. The electronic block acts only on the Side Switch and not on the Primary Switch and Mode Switch that will always be operating.
If the torch is not in electronic lock, slightly unscrewing the tailcap, we will isolate the two switches in the queue but not the one on the head (Side Switch) that will continue to work.










The beam of the Klarus XT32 is presented without particular aberrations, a little something can be seen near the crown. From close (15 cm) you will notice a donut-hole in the center of the spot that disappears immediately after moving away the beam of light from near the wall. The spill is fairly bright and the color is not too cold. The distance of the spill from the feet is naturally high around two meters.








I would like to clarify that the measurements and the data collected, having been made with instrumentation and environmental conditions different from those made by the parent company, may be dissimilar.


Intelligent Temperature Protection System(ITS).

The flashlight will automatically adjust the output based on the current flashlight internal temperature to protect the LED and internal components for safety and user confort.


The runtime was performed in a closed environment with a temperature of 20°C and without forced ventilation.
For the test the 18650 Klarus batteries, supplied, from 2600 mAh charged to 4.19V were used.
At the end of the test the two 18650 measured around 3V. After the last stepdown the LED under the side button flashes red to indicate that the battery is exhausted.




The first test was made by placing the Klarus in TURBO. Discreet adjustment of the XT32.
The flashlight turns off completely after 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The second test was made by placing the Klarus XT32 in HIGH. Here too we have a good regulation that allows us to have a constant output for almost 5 hours.





Let's see some shots made with the Klarus XT32 in TURBO.




The first electrical towers is located at 150m while the second at 250m.


















Personally I think that Klarus with the XT32 has done a good job. Good consistency to the touch and thickness, wide choice on the management of the UI with the two settings and the three switches and finally good regulation and the beam. Given the narrow beam and the large shot is a torch particularly suitable for those who need these characteristics of lighting.

Thank you for reading this review.


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