Review Nitecore P26 1*18650 (0.5 - 1000 Lumens)

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Review Nitecore P26 1*18650 (0.5 - 1000 Lumens)







The NITECORE P26 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.

For the description and technical data of the house:

For the Manual:





The new born in the "Precise" series by Nitecore is called P26. What distinguishes this new torch is to have the continuous variation of brightness through the rotating ring on the head (from 0.5 to 1000 lumens + Strobe).
It also features a tactical button with the possibility of momentary on and can be powered by a 3.7V 18650 rechargeable battery or 2x 3.0 / 3.7V disposable / rechargeable CR123A batteries (sold separately). It is equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED (cool white) and theoretically reaches 310 meters of shot. The torch has IPX8 water protection rating.



Infinitely variable brightness tactical flashlight

Utilizes a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED

Max output up to 1000 lumens

Integrated “Precision Digital Optics Tecnology” provides extremely good reflector performance

Boasts a peak beam intensity of 24000cd and a max throw of 310 meters

Infinite variable brightness adjustment from 0.5 to 1000 lumens and a strobe mode

High efficiency constant circuit provides unwavering output with runtime up to 500 hours

Integrated impact resistance mechanism with reverse polarity protection

Advanced Temperature Regulation module

Integrated full metal tactical ring

Two-way titanium plated stainless steel clip included

Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish

Waterproof in accordance with IPX8 (two meters submersible)

Impact resistant to 1.5 meter

Tail stand capability



Length:                 149mm (5.87”)

Head diameter:     31.8mm (1.25”)

Tail diameter:        25.4mm (1”)

Weight:                 128.5g (4.53oz)



Clip, lanyard, spare O-ringx2, holster, spare tail cap, tactical ring









The Nitecore P26 is sold in a yellow / black cardboard box. The main features are described on the four sides of the box.




Open the package we find the torch with mounted the tactical ring, also a transparent bag with inside the clip, two O-rings and the replacement rear rubber button. We have a manual in various languages and the guarantee.



The holster supplied with the Nitecore P26 is in cordura with non-elasticated sides and a velcro closure.

At the back there is a D-ring at the top, and a double passing in the middle, one with a velcro closure.

The Nitecore P26 inserted in the housing has no particular movements because  the holster is of measurement.



Good titanium-coated stainless steel clip. Although it is possible to use it in two positions, the tactical ring limits its use.








The Nitecore P26 is composed of three parts: head, body and tail.



On the head of the Nitecore P26 we see a crenelled bezel and the SMO (smooth) parabola with the CREE XP-L HI LED in the middle. The glass has anti-reflective treatment.


On the side there is the rotating ring that allows continuous brightness adjustment. This adjustment is very fluid and can be done even with a finger being, the rotation, facilitated by the knurling present on the sides of the ring. Turning counterclockwise increases the light output going from 0.5 lumens up to 1000 lumens and then continuing to the strobe. At this point the ring is blocked and it is only possible to go back (clockwise) to the lowest brightness.


Good lettering on the torch and essential diamond knurling on the body and on the tail.


There are two O-rings for water and dust infiltration (IPX8) on the body of the P26, one towards the head (larger) and one towards the tail.
The fillets arrive well greased and the torch body thicknesses are normal. The tactical ring is unscrewed and can be removed even without removing the O-ring.


At the positive we find a spring mechanism that has two prerogatives, protect the electronics from the wrong insertion of the battery and make impact resistance (recoil) in case you use the P26 on a weapon. Only the batteries with the button on the positive (button top) can operate the torch.


On the negative side we have a double plated spring. In the tail, the tactical button (being the U-shaped cap) is protected against accidental activation and, if necessary, can be replaced with the spare one in the package.



The two slots in the rear part of the tailcap allow the insertion of a wrist lanyard.





The Nitecore P26 near other torches and other objects:

From left: Acebeam L30, Nitecore P26, Nitecore Chameleon, Zebralight SC600w IV and Battery 18650 Nitecore.








The Nitecore P26 is switched ON and OFF by operating the tactical switch on the tailcap. This switch allows the activation of the momentary light (momentary on).
The new Nitecore is equipped with an innovative rotary switch system that allows you to vary the brightness, with the torch on, continuously going from 0.5 lumens to 1000 lumens. Turning the switch counterclockwise we will then change the brightness up to 1000 lumens and continuing activating the Strobo. Between the 1000 lumens and the Strobo one perceives a slight click, after which the rotating ring will block its progress. It is of course possible to go back in reverse order.

Thanks to the ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) module, the P26 adapts its output power to the surrounding environment, maintaining optimal performance.







The Nitecore P26 beam is quite clean and the color is cool white. Although the spot has a tending to yellowish color, the radius is pleasant and with a good throw. The useful distance of the spill from the feet is about 80 cm.





I would like to clarify that the measurements and the data collected, having been made with instrumentation and environmental conditions different from those made by the parent company, may be dissimilar.


The runtime was done in a closed environment with a temperature of about 21 ° C. The battery used for the test is a Nitecore 18650 protected from 3200 mAh charged at 4.20v. The test was also done with the help of a small fan to see how the NITECORE ATR system behaves. The torch output has been set, through the rotating ring nut, at maximum (1000 lm).



Good discharge curve of Nitecore P26. As can be seen from the graph, even without the use of signal LED, there is time to understand that the battery is being discharged and consequently replace it.



Below we see the first 20 minutes using as power even an unprotected battery like the Samsung 30Q.





The light truss is located at a distance of 150 meters.







Nitecore P26 Unboxing:





At the beginning I was skeptical about the use of the rotating bezel on the P26 but I had to change my mind. The ring is placed in an optimal position and it is possible to turn it, varying the brightness, with just one finger. Even having used it for a while, this ring does not lose stiffness but remains of the same hardness to turn it.
The torch is built very well, the beam has a good spot and spill and the runtime does not disappoint as well as the Nitecore ATR system.
Promoted and recommended.

Thank you for reading this review.

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Thanks for the review. I’m also reviewing this light at the moment, and I’m quite impressed with the user interface and heat handling.