[Review] Lumintop ODF30 *Beamshots*

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[Review] Lumintop ODF30 *Beamshots*

First off I apologize, I have never really done a review before. I don’t have all the proper equipment for current measurements, lux readings, lumen output, or run time graphs. I can only show you some pictures and tell you what I like and dislike about it. I bought it from Banggood with a coupon with about a $20 discount. Being a Lumintop fan I had to jump on it. I’ll throw some pics out and tell you what I think.

Included in the box is the light, lanyard, holster, directions, warranty card, and spare o-rings.

ODF1 ODF2 odf3 odf4

All the beam shots were taken with just my iphone using Camera+. No filters or messing with the settings. Fresh off the charger Purple Efest 5000mah battery. The edge of the tree line and the box on the ground are about 30 meters from where I was standing. Included a few other lights I had that were close to the lumen output that this one claims to have.

ODFlow odfmid odfhi odfturbo d4hi c8fturbo BLFhi

All in all I really like the light. I like the cool white tint on the beam. It’s a perfect walking the dog light. The beam being pretty floody works well for lighting up a fairly large area. I think the mode spacing is pretty good. During my walk to the mailbox, which is about a quarter mile down the gravel road I never once really needed to get it any brighter than mid mode. Of course I did crank it up to turbo a bit just to play with it. It does start to get warm after almost 2 minutes but not too hot to hold. It does kick down after 3 minutes but you can go right back to turbo if needed.

The eco/moonlight mode is fairly nice. A bit brighter than I would use but it’s still very useful and will run for 250 hours. Nice for reading while camping or a power outage. The only time I ever really use moon mode is when I need to find something in a drawer while the wife is sleeping. I keep a little Thrunite T10 AA light with a awesome moon mode on the table next to the bedroom door just for that. I know where the doors and walls are in my house in the dark so I never really use moon mode for creeping around the house.

Guess I only have a few complaints. Mode memory that won’t remember eco mode. Always starts on last mode used. No instant access to turbo from off. None of those are real deal breakers for me but I really would like access to turbo from off. The rest I can deal with. Think I will be using this light quite often. Just about the same size as the SD26 with more output and more flood than throw.

In closing I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Hard to beat a 50 dollar XHP70 light of this quality.

BTW, works just fine with a adapter tube and a 18650. I tried 30Q flattop and VTC6 flattop.


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Todd, good first review. What was price paid and the discount code. Now I want one of these lights man. Please PM or e mail me link and discount code. Thanks.

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Thanks for the nice review! Big Smile

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Wish my cell phone photos looked so nice. Flashlight reflector photo is great.

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Nice beamshots.. i always interested in 26650 light.. lumintop did great job on the odf30.