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I’ve been using a tool for a year + and had the knee jerk reaction to the M/L/H and now it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I was all ready to driver swap all my lumintop tools and now I kind of like it . I use the heads off the 2xAAA on the single AA bodies and like the smooth head much more than the knurled one and the low is lower on them as well.
Back in the day when ITP or Olight and others used this user interface I was an ardent hater of it .It was probably the green tint and low pwm that those lights had that made me dislike them so much , not the fact it started in medium . A small light starting at 25 lumens and being just a quick click away from 1 lumen isn’t really all that hard to deal with .

I’d agree on a bigger light that would start off brighter like the new Boruit headlamp that starts in a 3rd gear out of 5.That’s a pain to have to throttle it back with stepped ramping .Even then the light still never hits a decent low . The best driver is the one that allows the user to pick each and every mode and change them on the fly via a ramping . An older archeon light I have is the only light I’ve ever seen anyone make that does it … If the UI is wrong it’s because you set it that way .. Best UI ever . .

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clemence wrote:
Anyone with Moonlight-Strobe-High preferences?
I had this kind of weird light few years ago. Looks like it’s actually a defective H-Strobe. It was small plastic aspheric with tacticool style. Bought for about $2 in a bazaar.

- Clemence

Sounds great! I wonder why other brands don’t incorporate this. Only need to add a welding mask to the accessories.