[Overview] Zanflare SB - 6039 overview of a foldable solar drop light

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[Overview] Zanflare SB - 6039 overview of a foldable solar drop light

This is just a rough overview, but still.

If you want room/light shots, ask and specify, I have no real “setup” to do this but have a small stable of lights to compare to.

About the light
It is a palm sized light, meant to be hung from a tent ceiling or some other higher position. Can be solar charged (charge to light ration of about 4:1). And offers ~2h runtime.
The light is quite cold, which is a bit sad, because the blue spectrum is an insect magnet.

The folding mechanism and light are quite robust and it only has a single button and a micro USB socket as interfaces.
There is a small charging indicator (red=charging, green=full) above the USB-socket and the socket is dust sealed with a little rubber piece.
For lighting and charging the light can be unfolded and every of the three sided can charge the light on its own (they are paralleled).

No memory.
High -> Med -> Blink

Not very useful and the hanger is quite flimsy which makes. It is quite bright and a low or very low mode would have been nice.
I only payes 12€ for the light, so I don’t really mind but I would not see this light as a “great addition”.
Better drop the solar feature and get a Nitecore with higher CRI and warmer light.

There is our typical 8 pin unmarked driver chip, some mosfet thingy I could not identify and a DW01 battery protection chip, which is nice to see.
The battery is basically the maximum possible at this form factor but not that beefy at a mere 680 mAH.

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