[Review] Fitorch M30R ( XHP35 HD, 1 x 18650) ~ Tactical, Quad Switch Flashlight - Outdoor Beamshots Added!

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[Review] Fitorch M30R ( XHP35 HD, 1 x 18650) ~ Tactical, Quad Switch Flashlight - Outdoor Beamshots Added!

The flashlight was sent to me for review by Fitorch.
Here's the product's page: Fitorch M30R

Starting with the packaging, the M30R comes in a regular black and orange cardboard box.

The accessories list includes the following:
  Fitorch branded carrying pouch.
  Adjustable lanyard.
  Replacement o-ring and tailcap boot.
  MicroUSB charging cable.
  OTG adapter.
  Key ring.
  User manual.

The carrying sheath is made out of nylon and its overall quality is on point.

The fitment of the flashlight is tight and secure thanks to the elastic sides.

The M30R follows the basic design principles of Fitorch.
Its satin black body is contrasted by the metal side switch and polished bezel, while the overall look is kept stealthy. 

The back side of the M30R has the integrated charging port that's protected by a rubber flap.

The metal side switch is slightly protruding, while the head has some deep heatsinking and anti-roll grooves.

The rest of the three switches are located in the tail.
The center switch is used for momentary/constant turbo while the two flap switches are basically identical function-wise and are used for accessing the strobe.

Here's a video to demonstrate the actual usage of the multiple tail switches.

In order to prevent the accidental press of the strobe flaps, Fitorch has implemented a rotating ring lock.
Both lock positions lock both flaps.
The decision of placing the unlock position between two locking positions was probably taken to ease the function of the mechanism at night.

The tail switch implements dual springs for lower resistance, while the whole assembly is held in place by the brass retaining ring.

The head and body is made out of a single chunk of metal.
Looking into the tube, you can notice the hard brass spring for the Batt+ contact.

The tail threads are non-anodized & triangular cut, so the flashlight can't be mechanically locked out.

The M30R, being a tactical light, comes with a polished metal striking bezel.

The bezel can be easily unscrewed so that the user can install light filters.

The XHP35 HD neutral white emitter is housed inside a deep, smooth reflector.

Here's a .gif of the beacon mode during nighttime.

The flashlight is by no means a compact EDC light.
It's quite lengthy and weights around 170gr (excl. the battery).

From left to right: Sofirn SP10B, Jaxman E2L, Klarus XT2CR, Sofirn C8T, Fitorch M30R

I was quite happy to see that the M30R arrived with a 3400 mAh Fitorch branded 18650 cell.

What got me even more surprised is the fact that the included cell has a built-in charging interface.

Once plugged in, there is a little indicator led shinning up.

The cell weights 47.5 gr

As said earlier, except from the battery, the M30R also implements a charging interface.
The built in Green/Red LED under the side switch is used to notify the user regarding the charge's state.

Using the included OTG adapter, the flashlight can also be used as a go-to powerbank.

The maximum current that I was able to record while in 'powerbank' mode was around 1A.

User Interface

Despite having 4 switches, the actual user interface is quite simple considering that the only switch that has more than one uses is the side mounted on.
Here's all the actions supported by the flashlight's firmware.

Turn on: Single press of the side switch.
Turn off: Long press of the side switch.
Mode change: Single press of the side switch ( Low > Mid > High > Turbo > High > Mid > Low )
Low: 3 second press of the side switch while turned off.
Momentary Turbo: Half press of the middle back switch.
Turbo: Press the middle back switch from any mode / state - In order to turn off the flashlight the same switch has to be pressed again.
Strobe (Side switch): Double press of the side switch from any mode.
SOS: Double press of the side switch from Strobe.
Strobe (Flap): Long press of either flap switches. If the press lasts less than 2 seconds, the flashlight will turn off.
Voltage indicator: Triple press of the side switch (Green blink = 1V, Red blink = 0.1 V)
Location beacon: Quadruple press of the side switch.

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of actions that are supported.
I can guarantee that UI is pretty easy to get used to.

A part that I really liked about the UI is the fact that there is a mini ramping up when the flashlight turns on or there is a mode change.
Thanks to the gradual light increase, the transitions look smoother and more pleasing to the eye.


In order to get my measurements I used the Fitorch Branded 18650 cell that came with the flashlight.
Here's my ceiling bounce measurements along with the current draw for each power level.

Here's Turbo mode compared to my other lights:

Based on my measurements, the M30R should indeed be pushing around 1800 Lumens.
The standby drain was measured to be 161μA, which is quite good.






Also, here's a few wall beamshots to help you understand the mode spacing.

Bottom line: The M30R is an excellent tactical choice. It contains every feature you might imagine, its output is up to the standards and it's well constructed.

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I paid a visit in my village, so I grabbed the opportunity to get some outdoor beamshots - They came out pretty artistic Big Smile .

Also, here's a video to demonstrate the actual usage of the multiple tail switches.






Also, here's .gif of the supported beacon mode during nighttime.