enough with the p60's, i want to upgrade to heavy artillary!!

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enough with the p60's, i want to upgrade to heavy artillary!!

i've built several p60 lights with q5's and xm-l's and they've turned out to be really nice lights.  i need a real thrower now.  i was looking at the mrv clones, the uniquefire 802, and a few other similarly based lights.  those were all in the 25-30 dollar price range and i'm sure they are nice lights, but i have become spoiled by the top notch fit and finish of the solarforce lights!  i am particularly OCD when it comes to thread quality.  i bought a c2 clone that i can't even look at because of the horrible job of the thread cutting.  it's just damaged goods!  the ultrafire 502b was decent until i noticed that the threads grind away alittle at a time every time you change a battery out.  the solarforce l2's that i have are just like butter!  that is what i expect in a flashlight.  if i can buy a maglite for 20 bucks, then i expect to be able to buy the same quality for 5-10 bucks more.  i guess i just have high expectations.  anyway, i think i have decided on this light if nobody comes up with any reason why i should buy something else.  yes, i know it's twice the price of the others but i know that i won't be wide awake at night worrying about the purchase i just made.  damn you, OCD!  damn you straight to hell!