Review Nitecore LA30 - BI-FUEL Camping Lantern

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Review Nitecore LA30 - BI-FUEL Camping Lantern


BI-FUEL  Camping Lantern



The Nitecore LA30 was sent to me directly by Nitecore for the review.
For the description and technical data of the house:
For the manual:



Nitecore LA30 is a portable, rechargeable camping lamp with dual power supply. It has 8 high CRI LEDs and 3 red LEDs with a maximum light output of 250 lumens. It weighs only 117 g and is waterproof IP66 (protected against dust and water jets). Among its features stands out the magnetic base and the integrated metal ring. The Nitecore LA30 is an ideal lantern for use in camping, fishing, emergency, housing use etc.


Main features:

• Portable, dual power camping lantern
• Uses 8 high color rendering index LEDs (CRI≥90) and 3 red LEDs
• Maximum output power of 250 lumens
• Powered by the built-in high capacity battery, 1800mAh Li-ion, or 2 AA batteries
• APC (Advanced Power Cut Of) technology that ensures zero consumption during standby
• Single switch to control 3 brightness levels, 2 light sources and 2 special modes
• High transparency polycarbonate shell that allows optimal light diffusion
• Integrated indicator showing the remaining battery charge (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
• Red charge indicator that also works as a locator
• Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology
• High efficiency circuit, for a duration of up to 56 hours
• Magnetic base and loop for hands-free operation
• Made of long-lasting polycarbonate
• Waterproof according to the IP66 standard
• Impact resistant to 1 meter height

Measurements: : 2.96 "×1.95 "×2.12 " (75.2mm × 49.5mm × 53.8mm)
Weight: 117g (without external batteries)

Accessories: O-ring for battery cover, O-ring for screw, USB cable

Battery options:
The LA30 is powered by two sources: the built-in Li-ion battery (3.7V 1800mAh) or 2 AA batteries. When AA batteries are inserted, the LA30 is powered by default with those.







The Nitecore LA30 is a lantern small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, built of opaque plastic material that resists well to small bumps and scratches. It is sold in two different colors, yellow and blue. Its main feature is Bi-fuel, which has two power options, an internal one with a 1800 mAh lithium battery and the other is the possibility of using two AA batteries that are alkaline or NI-MH.




The battery compartment is well made. As a negative contact we have two plated springs and the IP66 seal is guaranteed by a large rubber gasket that surrounds the closing base. A joint on one side and a screw closure on the other guarantee perfect closure.




The Nitecore LA30 has, inside, a 1800 mAh battery that allows it, if fully charged, to have a range of light up to 56 hours. The battery is then charged by connecting the supplied USB / microUSB cable in about 5 hours and 30 minutes.
On one side there is the USB charging cover protected by a rubber cap that adheres very well to the recharging compartment.




The Nitecore LA30 has the magnet base. In addition to this it is provided with a metal support to anchor it on protruding parts. This support is certainly also useful for extracting the battery compartment.






Charging the Nitecore LA30 can be done by network adapters, computers or external power sources such as power banks. The LA30 can be turned on while charging. If the input voltage is not sufficient, only the Low and Mid modes can be used.
The LA30 tells us when it is charging with red light on, while charging finished with the green light.




On the central part of the LA30 under the word NITECORE, the ignition switch in rubber material is located. With this single switch we will manage the interface of the small lantern. Let's see how it works:


White Light
Power On: When the light is off, press and hold the switch for 0.6 seconds to turn the power on
white light in Low mode.
Switching off: With the light on, press and hold the switch for 0.6 seconds to turn off the power

Change the intensity of white light
When the white light is on, press the switch to scroll through the brightness levels in order

Direct access to the High level
When the light is off, press and hold the switch; initially the LA30 will light up
at low intensity and then it will pass to the High level. Release the switch to select High.

Red light
Power On: When the light is off, press the switch twice to turn on the red light (Low).
Switching off: With the light on, press and hold the switch for about 0.6 seconds for
turn it off.

Change the intensity of the red light
When the red light is on, press the switch repeatedly to scroll through the brightness levels
in the order "Red Light (Low) - Red Light (High) - Red Beacon - Red SOS".

Thanks to the Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the LA30 regulates its output power
adapting to the surrounding environment, maintaining optimal performance.

Position indicator
With the light on, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn it off, then the indicator
charging will flash every 2 seconds. This is to show the user where the LA30 is located. Full
charge, the LA30 will remain operational for 6 months with the position indicator activated, and 12 months in standby
with the locator off.

Charge indicator
When the light is off, press the switch once to activate the red charge indicator
integrated. The indicator will flash to indicate the remaining charge of the built-in Li-ion battery:
1. 3 flash represent an autonomy of more than 50%.
2. 2 flash means that the battery is below 50%.
3. 1 flash corresponds to a residual charge below 10%.

When the battery charge is low (below 8%), only the batteries can be selected
Low or Mid mode.
When the battery is exhausted, the LA30 can not be turned on. Keeping the switch pressed
or by crushing it twice in rapid succession, the light will not respond because of the system
protection against over-discharge.






Nitecore LA30 near other torches:





The Nitecore LA30 lantern makes a fair diffused light that covers a large angle of illumination. Let's see some home-made shots using the smartphone:

Low and High white light.
High red light





The runtime was done, in the first test, with the internal 1800 mAh battery. In the second test I used VARTA Alkaline High Energy batteries.






Some outdoor shots:











There are many positive things about the Nitecore LA30 lantern. First of all the double power supply with the possibility of using the common AA batteries.
Good tonality and alluvial diffusion of light and practical hook and magnet base that allows anchoring in various situations.
What is missing is perhaps a level of light lower than the 8 lumens of the Low level. Too bad then that there is no direct passage from the two sources of power.
It is certainly a very interesting product and to be recommended for the many applications of use and for some of its unique characteristics. Thank you for reading the review.