[Review] Nitecore TINI Cu

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[Review] Nitecore TINI Cu

Review copy was sent in by Nitecore to me here in the Philippines, whom I thank for the confidence afforded to me.



What's inside:

-NITECORE TINI in a vacuum sealed plastic
-Key clasp
-Instruction manual
-Warranty card


-The manual is in 9 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Japanese, Romanian, Chinese, and Korean); each language’s section is complete as the text is quite small. Nitecore has included candela and throw specifications for not just Turbo but all modes.
The manual is also available online:
https://flashlight.nitecore.com/product/tini (click on download the manual)

Quick overview:
-Premium Copper construction
-Built-in Battery with up to 60 Hours Runtime
-Mini Keychain Light for Everyday Carry
-Utilizes bead surface optic lens for uniform soft light
-4 brightness levels with instant access to turbo
-Dual switches for easy operation
-Intelligent memory function
-Integrated power indicator
-High efficient constant current circuit provides constant illumination
-Integrated ATR module

Manufacturer specs:

Maximum Brightness: 380 lumens
Peak Beam Distance: 70 yards
Peak Beam Intensity: 1020 cd
IP Rating: IP54
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Dimensions: L-1.7"xW-1"xH-0.45"
Weight: 0.47oz


Turbo 380 15 min
High 145 1 hr
Mid 38 4 hr
Low 1 60 hr

Nitecore backs the TINI with a 1 year warranty. Nitecore services lights in the market where they were allocated for distribution, so purchasing from your local market is advised in case there’s an issue. (If you are in China and purchase from the U.S., it must be sent to the US for service. If you are in the U.S. and purchase from a Chinese retailer, the light has to be returned to China at your expense for service.)

Form Factor:
The light is made from premium copper construction. The solid outer case is machined from premium copper billet. With the miracle of time and usage, it will oxidize to gradually look like a piece of vintage artwork. With copper's unique heft, handfeel, and patina. It will only look better the more you use it IMHO. It is very tiny and just as about big as a normal house key. It is IP54 rated meaning it can take some water splashes but don't go swimming with it.


The TINI is a mini keychain light with built-in high capacity Li-ion battery with 280mah for runtime of up to 60 hours. It is Micro-USB charging ready for various power sources anytime and anywhere. It has built-in Li-ion battery protective circuit that gives protection against over-charging/discharging, short circuit, as well as termination of charging upon charge completion.


It utilizes a CREE XPG-2 S3 LED with a lifespan of 50000 hours.


It utilizes a bead surface reflector to provide soft and uniform lighting or what others might call a TIR optic(total internal reflection), on top of which is an electroplated bezel as well.


There is an electroplated silver edge all around the middle of the body.

The other side of the TINI has the Nitecore name, model, registration, and disposal information written. All writing is clean and clear. It has 3 customized Torx screws as well.

One side of the TINI has the two buttons, MODE button towards the head, POWER button towards the tail. The buttons, bezel ring, and center section on both sides is coated in silver.

The MODE and POWER buttons are electroplated Light-Permeable switches. They flash when the battery is low or while the battery is charging. They stop blinking and just illuminate when the battery is charged 100%. And they serve as a battery life indicator.

The charging port is micro USB. The rubber port cover is easy to open thanks to a raised flap, but the port cover itself doesn’t move fully out of the way when open.

The light is unable to tail-stand due to the stainless steel key ring connector at the tail of the light, however, it can stand on its charging port at the bottom.

Turning on the TINI requires holding the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds.
There is no STROBE or SOS (blinky) modes for this light.

From OFF:

HOLD (POWER) [~2 sec] – Light will switch ON to last brightness level (LOW, MID and HIGH modes are memorized).
HOLD (MODE) [<~1 sec] – Direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO; releasing it will switch the light OFF.
1 Click (MODE) – Battery Capacity Indicator (MODE & POWER buttons will blink as below)
3 Blinks (<50% battery capacity)
2 Blinks (10% – 50% battery capacity)
1 Blink (<10% battery capacity)
From ON:

1 Click (MODE) – Mode change per every click (light cycles through LOW, MID & HIGH; TURBO is not part of the sequence).
HOLD (MODE) [<~1 sec] – Direct access to MOMENTARY TURBO; releasing it will switch the light back to last brightness level.
1 Click (POWER) – Light will switch OFF.

Dual optional modes are available which is the DEMO and DAILY mode. The DEMO mode serves as some sort of its lockout function as it turns OFF the light after 30 secs on any mode while ON.

Switching Modes (DEMO -> DAILY)
From OFF:

HOLD both (MODE & POWER) [<~1 sec].
Release buttons after seeing the LED blink.
1 blink (DEMO mode is activated).
2 blinks (DAILY mode is activated).

Beam profile:
The XPG-2 S3 and TIR optic combined to produce a wide beam with a wide hotspot. Overall the beam is smooth.

Beam shots:
Low at 20 feet away:

Med at 20 feet away:

High at 20 feet away:

Turbo at 20 feet away:

Low (tree is 150 feet away):

Med (tree is 150 feet away):

High (tree is 150 feet away):

Turbo (tree is 150 feet away):


Size comparison with Geonaute:

To sum up, I believe that the most important part of any review is if given the chance to purchase the same light for our own, would we still do it?
For this light, it is a definite YES; as it makes for an excellent backup light. I am thoroughly impressed that it has different modes including TURBO, compared to the Geonaute which has only 1 mode.
Needless to say, the size and output of this light is astounding to say the least! The light doesn’t illuminate far, but it is supposed to be a “short range” light, so it performs ample enough, bright for its size.
Scrutinizing the light over throughout the review, I am hard pressed to find any flaws at this price point. If I were to nit-pick, it would be that you can't leave the light on TURBO and that it has no lockout function.
There is however a DEMO mode available (which I think is there lockout function), however a true electronic lockout would have been perfect.

For my video review of this light, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZApl2r_Zy7E&t=286s (please don't forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe Wink )

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