Aliexpress Dispute Advice needed.

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Oh, I have dealt with oversea sellers many times and there usually pretty understanding and easy to work with, after about 10 or so emails or messages. DX got me one time on a high power laser module, it came DOA three times and I got tired of going back and fourth with them and having to wrap it up and run to the post office and send it back, paying for shipping, then waiting a month for a DOA one to arrive again. I told them I wanted my money back and I wasn’t sending the third one back. They refused and I haven’t bought another thing from them since (about 6 years ago). I buy a lot of stuff from some of these guys, so usually they work with me when there’s a problem. First purchase with Mango Tools and my last now. I have already bought close to 20 items off Ali since joining about 2 months or so ago. I was kind of liking china ebay.
But you are right Barkuti I did learn a lesson and will pay closer attention for sure, watch them da** sale timers.
I will use paypal now for sure for the insurance, I ordered a triple UV light last night just for the 20mm aluminum reflector to go in a triple LG UV led light I’m modding. Made sure to find a seller that accepted paypal even it cost 50 cents more, Ali was the only place I could find it. If I can a find a item in the states for a few dollars more I’m gonna stick to that. After all if I’m going to get overcharged for a item then wait 3 weeks to get it and spend a couple hours trying to get my overcharged money back, why not just order in my country and have the item in 3 days for the same price. I can’t always find everything here in the US though.
Thanks to everyone who commented, life is always a learning experience. Wink Beer