Review: Fenix ​​TK35 2018, XHP35 Hi LED 1300lm

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Review: Fenix ​​TK35 2018, XHP35 Hi LED 1300lm

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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Manufacturers like to refresh old good models, especially those that in the past provided good sales. The same happened with the TK35 model, Fenix presented the model TK35 2018 equipped with a diode XHP35Hi of neutral color, a basket for two cells 18650, in which there is all electronics and a port for charging cells (2 * 18650).

Technical information can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

Coloring of the packaging in the case of Fenix – standard, i.e. a lot of dark color interspersed with orange. On the back of Fenix he placed a table with the lumens and charts of changes in brightness in time (real graphs)

In box:
- a flashlight
- spare o-rings
- USB cable
- instruction manual, advertising, etc.
- holster (a bit like the model with side buttons)
- a good quality leash on the wrist

For those who know different models, the appearance of TK35 2018 will not be any surprise, this model is not surprising, and it’s good to do its job

Looking from the top, we see a very nicely made SMO reflector, protected with a glass with AR coatings, and in the middle LED XHP35Hi neutral. The whole looks nice, without pollution and other unwanted elements

The head is massive, with delicately marked notches

The middle tube looks more interesting, it is covered in a kind of stripe, the flashlight, despite its large mass (370 grams with links), is great in the hand

In the bottom part there is a place for a wrist leash, it is a pity that this part of the flashlight is not flatter, which would allow the flashlight to be more confident on slightly sloping surfaces

In the lower part there is also room for two buttons, the rubber one is used to switch on the flashlight, and the plastic one (function) to change the modes. In this place there is also a diode, which informs about whether the cells are charged (green LED – charged, red – discharged)

There is only a diode in the head

The thread is very well made and factory-lubricated

In the middle there is a cell basket, equipped with all the electronics responsible for controlling the flashlight. By the way, an unusual idea, but looking at the ease of repair, this is limited only to the replacement of the cartridge (that is, the whole basket) for a new one.

The control of TK35 2018 is extremely simple, in my opinion the driver is not very intuitive and I miss the possibility of switching on the lowest and TURBO modes right away.

- turn on the flashlight with a rubber button, it starts in the last memorized mode.
- we change modes in the loop (from 10lm to 1300lm)
- we activate the strobe and SOS modes by pressing the button for less than 2 seconds (flashlight on)
- turn on the momentary strobe by pressing the button (for over 1 second) on the switched off flashlight

After switching on, the torch informs the color of the switch on the cells’ charge level with color, the green color – charged, the red color flashing – the cells requiring connection of the charger or replacement of the charged cells.
Due to the construction of the basket, we must use cells with a longer plus, and recommended by the manufacturer are links with protection (I use regular cells). The controller has security features, so that suddenly we do not run out of light, the flashlight takes us gradually modes (discharged cells) to maximize the working time of the flashlight, even with a small amount of light.

The torch tube only serves as a link basket, because it contains buttons

Basket equipped with a USB port for charging cells. Opinions about this solution are divided, some think that pulling the basket from the flashlight is burdensome, and others (eg me) think that this solution provides a high level of protection against water penetration inside the flashlight and allows you to charge cells outside the home and in the absence access to, for example, our “home” charger

Driver and stabilization, here is some surprise. I have to admit that I was expecting something different. Without good cooling, the controller lowers the brightness to about 900lm, while providing adequate cooling of just over 1000lm. I remind you that we have the year 2018, the mass of the flashlight with links 370 grams. EAGTAC S25L-R, tested in the past, made an almost flat graph with 1 * 18650 power supply, generating more lumens.
The only right explanation, Fenix wanted to achieve a “satisfactory” number of lenets, while extending the working time of the torch to the maximum, and I think, in most cases it has a real reference to customers who are fooling the company’s products, which means that the torch “reaches” 2000lm or more, shortening the working time by half? Perhaps this approach to designing the driver had Fenix engineers. With a mass of almost 400 grams, the TURBO mode (as hidden mode) should be over 2000lm, and 1300lm stay in the loop as a high mode.

A short gallery and comparison to Fenix UC52 and Nitecore EC4

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H

Fenix TK35 2018 high mode (500lm)

Fenix TK35 2018 TURBO mode (1300lm)


Nitecore EA42

Fenix TK35 2018 high mode (500lm

Fenix TK35 2018 TURBO mode (1300lm)


Nitecore EA42

Full size photos:

A few words of summary:
Fenix TK35 2018 is a refreshed model, so you probably can not expect any huge changes from your predecessors. On the plus side certainly very good quality, despite the large weight well in the palm of your hand, USB port for charging cells (well protected), easy control and in the event of an inevitable defect each element flashlight is a separate part, and so with the help of Fenix should be limited to exchange one element.
On the minus mentioned flashlight mass (370 grams with links), effectively will load a small backpack, due to the more tactical use, rather it will be mounted to the belt.
In a flashlight of this class, with such a mass and capabilities would be more lumens, comparing it with a small EAGTAC PX30LC2-R shines noticeably further and stronger, but here again mentioned the difference in the size of both flashlights “makes a difference”
Despite the small size of the “power”, TK35 2018 will probably stay with me for a long time, replacing the well-worn Nitecore EC4 flashlight, and this is a big change in my inventory:)
Fenix TK35 2018 is a proposition of a proven tactical flashlight, for people who know what they are looking for, because the flashlight is not the cheapest, looking at other models or competitors’ products.

Thank you for your attention Smiley

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Bad reflector machining/finish.
Regulation on turbo sucks.

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Thanks for review.
Hmm too bad. I wish it could able to maintain constant turbo like TK47 and has a little more throw.

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It used to be that Fenix had the best regulation. No more. I won’t have them.

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Very nice review. Thanks!

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Great pictures

Werner wrote:
I have no pets so I have too pee on the carpet myself…

“this tiny flashlight was the one that shined best”