Uniquefire S10 - DD use the stick and the carrot

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Uniquefire S10 - DD use the stick and the carrot

DD use the stick and the carrot...

I don't know if in English exists this common saying that means that someone give you something good only to balance the bad side, but seems that DD use this behaviour.

Gives you great offer but then send you wrong item... The shipping ss faster than other seller but the item arrive DOA...

My last experience is with a UF S10. My friende received a gift card and decided to buy this light for me. It arrived pretty fast but it is DOA... After half an hour and some solder it works fine. For me it's ok but a not-flashaholics will simply open a case. It is really so difficult receive a perfect item from DD??

However, i have to admit the S10 is a good surprise. With a eneloop is as bright as my A3 R5, no flickering at all, thick body... A nice light!

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