Suggestions for a small motorbike light bar build

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Suggestions for a small motorbike light bar build

Hi there, wondering if any of you gurus can help suggest some components for a compact led light bar build.. anywhere between 4-6 leds at most.

Firstly i don’t want to spend a fortune, the cheaper the better for me lol.

I have 12v supply from the bike and can’t decide which leds would be most suitable but was thinking something from the xhp line but really can’t decide which would be best… I was leaning towards xhp50.2 or 70.2 but maybe xhp35 might be more suitable?

I have no idea on what to use as a host, I can probably make my own but if anyone knows of a cheap light bar which i can use as a host or which I can mod to house better leds would be really helpful, Ideally a straight line of leds would be better suited for me, typical light bar type.

Lastly the driver, on and off is fine for me I don’t need any other functions and being cheap I was wondering if one of these board would suffice for a power supply?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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