Unique bike light Cree XPG2 (Bought from hardware store)

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Unique bike light Cree XPG2 (Bought from hardware store)

Hey folks like most of us in this hobby i am intrigued by different lights and builds and i am always on the lookout for different lights and electronics some thing that stands out.

So today we have a find that is probably one of best scores to date.

Here in Australia we have a hardware chain called Bunnings its the biggest hardware chain in Australia so i usually pop in every few weeks to see if i can score some bargains on random parts that i can re-purpose. Yea my girlfriend doesn’t understand also lol i will pick up completely random items and dream lol If that part/parts are used is another story Silly

Meet the Eiger bike light i picked up for $4 AUD on clearance! When i seen that it had an inbuilt battery for 4 bucks i had to have it lol. Its turned out to be a fact finding mission Big Smile

What did 4 dollars get me?

Some specs here




The good the bad and the ugly

The good

  • Cree XPG2
  • 800mah Lipo
  • 4 modes high/low/blinkies
  • Aluminium body
  • USB rechargeable (no cable needed)
  • Unique beam pattern? ( Half reflector with LED mounted at the top for a hard cutoff so you dont blind people in cars?)
  • Build quality is accepatble but i will add it to bad also because it needs some tweeks but the alloy body feels good
  • Blue light around the switch
  • Modest 220 lumens for $4
  • No PWM on High mode

Awesome ideas makes life easier!

You can see the lipo under the screw hole!

The bad

  • Lipo sits inside where the bike attachments screws in and the screw touches the lipo. Lucky it has no sharp surfaces
  • Build quality could use some improvement like attaching the LED to the body some way. The reflector is pushing the LED board to body of the bike light no proper pressure
  • Switch is just okay
  • PWM on low mode



The Ugly

  • Plastic lens
  • Plastic reflector
  • Plastic USB cap

Whats so unique and exciting about this bike light? It has half a reflector!

If you zoom in you can see the XPG2 up the top

LED mounts here



Slippery slide reflector lol

I broke the switch while taking it apart and ive had it apart a bunch of times earlier sigh still works just not as clicky


LED mounts like this

Best focus i could get


I will redo beam shots when its dark

Beam pattern has a sharp cut off

The beam is wide

The beam doesn’t go very high but it does light up the road well

Basically the beam won’t go higher than the top of the bike light even at distance you can see on the back of the fence the light was pointed even height to the fence

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Weird looking light, but it appears from your beam-shots that it does the job. That USB “plug” on the end: does it hold in a charger’s USB slot solidly or is it fiddly? Thanks for sharing the review!

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Ah, Bunnings. Got one across the road, 250m as the bird flies, 500m if I don’t jaywalk. hate it when gardening and the aroma of BBQ snags wafts in gotta have one.