Best 18650 Flashlight at the moment Under $30?

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Best 18650 Flashlight at the moment Under $30?

New user here but Have trawled this forum and few others looking for a new flashlight however still not 100% sure , I currently have some $5 xml t6 I bought from ebay few years ago, however its past its best now so want something new/way better.

My budget is max max max $30 (could be lower price as well!),

looking for a single cell 18650 which has a good flood-light capabilities , I will use it daily as a main bike Light + to walk a dog at night sometimes.

I won’t mod anything and will use it stock.

Looking for the best quality/brightest one you can currently get for that $?

What I have found myself:

+first I found Convoy s2+/ s3 ( about $13)

+than now I found BLF A6 ( about $19.6) , I think I will go for this one as its brighter than the Convoy S3 and I think it has better build quality when you check the pictures.

is there anything better available than that BLF a6 for my use? I’m not a flashlight collector so I only want 1, but the best I can afford Smile

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All Rounder?.
I’d look at the Convoy C8+ With XPL Hi in there.
Or a Sofurn C8 A or T..
I have the C8+ and the Sofurn C8T. Either would do.
Any of them leave the S2 for dead I reckon.
I have them too.
BUT… as usual Everybody has different tastes.
They’ll give you some good selections here.

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if u want good flood i would go with a convoy s2+ with the xml2 emitter. take the a6 if uwant the extra more lumens build quality there are more or less identical.

a6 if fun because of many modes and first blf light, u should take that perhaps, or a convoy if u want something else then black, but im sure otehrs will recommend something else then convoy..

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If you are wanting more flood than throw, a C8 isn’t going to be a good all around’er. With a XPL Hi and SMO reflector it’s going to be a great thrower but not so much for flood. Staying in your budget, I would recommend the Thorfire VG15S. It’s on Amazon right now for about $17 or so. Take the money you have left over and throw a Zanflare F1 in there as well for a little more throw and built in recharging for $11.99.

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I’d take my BLF A6 over VG15S any day but there’s something to be said for perceived better warranty/customer service via Amazon rather than BG. VG15S was my 2nd real torch, once I’d “seen the light”. I was very impressed at the time and now use it with protected cell as my gateway light, a loaner to friends and family to try and get them hooked on lumens.

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Zanflare F1. Has a built in USB charger. Excellent mode spacing.

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is there a code to get the F1 for only $11.99?

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Amazon has it for that price after applying a 20% coupon.


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Put a piece of DC Fix on a C8 and it is beautiful floody beam or get a Sofirn CF.

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first, u need to know that there is no “best” flashlight, all flashlights have pros and cons
astrolux s1 maybe best when EDC, but when you need to see something over 100m, convoy c8+ is better

the 2 i mentioned is worth taking a look

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First off, welcome to BLF! Party

Now, I do not recommend a C8 format light of any kind as an “all rounder”, let alone with an XP-L HI. Far too throwy for indoors usage, and bulky as well. The S2+ is on the other end of the spectrum, floody and compact but will leave you hanging in wide open spaces unless you put a 10 degree TIR on it or something, and then it’ll have the same trouble as the C8 beam-wise.

For balance, my opinion is that the Convoy M1 with Biscotti is a no-brainer. Decent spill and fairly tight spot, plus a format that’s not too big to pocket. I have one in 7A warm white that serves me nicely, though you might want it in a more neutral tint like 3B or 4C.

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If the light is mainly used for bike rides you should buy a dedicated bike light. Other road users will be thankful they were not blinded by your 1000+ lumen floody flashlight. Pretty sure you are gonna hate al those cars flashing you because you flashed them first.

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Zanflare F1 is very good choise. Better quality a and runtime than BLF A6.

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Recycle some beer cans and get the Emisar D4 for $35 shipped.


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Everybody nearly always forgets the (Kaidomain) KD Litker C8.2. in both XHP35 and XHP50.2, they have great lights with massive output (2000 and 2600 lumens respectively). Prices on both are under $28 shipped with BLF code.
Build quality is as good or better than Convoy with better performance.

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Welcome to BLF gabbyparker! Smile

If all you have is a cheap XML light anything will probably be much much better. That said i would also recommend the BLF A6 over the Convoy S2/S3. They are very similar except the A6 is more powerful if you need and has many more modes, including a very low one that’s very useful in many situations. The highest mode will blow you away. Note that you’ll need a high drain 18650 like a Samsung 30Q to get the best out of it.

As said before, think twice before using this kind of light for biking. It will likely annoy other drivers coming your way.

And the traditional BLF warning… Once you get the taste of powerful budget lights, you may well get hooked and spend way more on flashlights, cells and chargers then you ever though you would… Facepalm