Looking for a bar-mountable floodlight for a boat ...

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Looking for a bar-mountable floodlight for a boat ...

Any leads are appreciated.

I would mount this on a bar on my center console of my boat, for nighttime trips. What I’m looking for:

BRIGHT. Something that will help me navigate safely at night.
Mountable. I would mount it on my center-console bar which is ~1” diameter. Here is a pic of the kind of boat I have for reference …
Prefer LED
Can plug-in to a cigarette port, since I have one on my center console. However, even if it was battery-powered, I’ll take what I can get.
I run two batteries on my boat, so power drain is not so much of a concern.
Not so much concerned about the price. I don’t want to break the bank, but am willing to shell out a pretty penny for the right light.
Thanks again for any leads … ! This forum is awesome.Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet

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I know they aren’t cheap but, they are some of the best light bars around. Mountain Electronics makes some real nice ones. Complete kits. Ready to go. Includes everything you will need. Check them out HERE if you have the extra money. It’s what I would buy if I had a need for it.

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Look to the KD Litker (kaidomain.com). Their xhp35 and xhp50.2 C8.2 lights are awesome. They accept c8 remote switches and can be mounted to a bar via a single scope ring.
Price: $27 with BLF coupon

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