$4 'Cree' 2AA light.

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$4 'Cree' 2AA light.

Lights I own/have bought for others: Aurora AK-P7-3 (2x18650), Trustfire TR-1200, Solarforce Skyline 1, Uniquefire HS-802, Ultrafire 501b MC-E, Ultrafire 501b P7, Kai-Domain NF-500 Flood-to-throw, Generic Ebay 1AA Zooming light, Auror

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Hey there, looks like a good one. Don reviewed and liked a flashlight that appears to be the same as this one: http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/343 


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I have the one from the second link. Ok as a battery holder, but not worth the price IMO.

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Most of the flashlights I've ordered from ebay at that price group of http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/343 a photo of that led: 2.5mm round yellow dot with two opposite bumps, in somewhat flattened 4mm plastic dom) 1X aa/aaa, or 2X aa/aaa, All were operating under 2 watts and produced lite with bluish nuance. the quality of the bodies however varies from decent to crappy . for a moment i was tempted to order that one as well, but then decided to skip. By the way, all of the flashlight bought at ebay for under 5$ except a really crappy one, were given to happy family members, and doing a decent service.