(Really) short review of Shockli 700 mAh 16340 battery (yellow)

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(Really) short review of Shockli 700 mAh 16340 battery (yellow)

Recently I had bought a OTR M3 Pro, but it was a lot cheaper to stick with the option without included battery – so I had to get some.
I have read some good opinions upon those Shockli batteries and so, on November 6th, I ordered a pack of four from the official dealer on aliexpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4pcs-lot-RCR123A-battery-Shockli-16340-7...).

Shipping to Germany was free and although it said 26-50 days through seller’s shipping method it took no more than two weeks for the batteries to arrive.

I’ve had some really bad experiences prior when it came to packaging and safety from other sellers, but this time the batteries were exceptionally well packed:
Each cell in a small plastic bag, two of those together in a generic “2 × 18650” plastic box, those wrapped in bubble wrap, put in a card box and this card box, finally, was shipped inside a padded envelope Thumbs Up

I did a short discharge test with my Lii-500 Charger in 500mA range

… and took some measurements:

Length: 43.9 mm
Diameter: 16.6 mm

I also did a discharge test on the 1 Amp range, but unfortunately did not take any pictures. Result was three cells measured slightly above 700 mAh, one was at around 690 mAh.

Those cells seem to be some of the best ones around at this time. They are high capacity, but I doubt they will be really high drain, as one can’t get both. 700 mAh is about the best that is available in the 16340 market as far as I know.

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Thanks for the review. They seem like good cells.

I did a short discharge test with my Lii-500 Charger in 500mA range

Just to clarify, when you select 500mA range on the Lii-500, the discharge current will be 250mA.
When you select 1000mA range, discharge current will be 500mA.
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Thanks for the review.

I decided to buy an M3 Pro with the cell because I wasn’t sure what other 16340s would be up to the task.

It came yesterday, and I started wondering what I’d do when the included wears out (the light charges @1A).

These were top of my list. Good to know that they seem a reasonable choice.