it was one of those days review of the SUAOKI OM123 OBD II Scanner saved the day.

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it was one of those days review of the SUAOKI OM123 OBD II Scanner saved the day.

Wow its now LE$$ THEN $25

The Check Engine Light in my car came on two weeks before my dreaded annual smog test. This would have caused an automatic fail in California . I asked my friend if I could borrow his OBD II Scanner. I was surprised how easy it was to use and everything it was capable of doing. In my case the code was for a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Live Data showed the engine temperature sensor was reporting the engine was cold when it was at operating temperature (hot). The sensor cost me $20 and that fixed the problem.

A Mechanic hourly labor is $125. I would have been charged to read the code, trouble shooting and replacing the part. Overall cost would have been about $250. So $20 for a sensor, about $35 for the scanner, that would make a $195 savings.
Now that have seen this OBD II scanner in action I plan on buying myself this SUAOKI OM123 scanner. What a life saver. I tried this scanner on my friend’s new cars and I was amazed at what it can do.
Like my review on the Lii-500 this scanner has earned my respect.

SUAOKI Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner diagnostic menu

1. Read Codes

2. Erase codes

3. Live Data from the engine sensors

4. Freeze frame at the time the code occurred

5. I/M readiness – shows whether or not various emission related systems are operating properly

6. Vehicle information

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