Lumileds Luxeon Altilon Intense

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Lumileds Luxeon Altilon Intense

Another new LED from Luxeon.

  • 0.54 mm²
  • Luxeon F package
  • 1.43 mm² thermal pad
  • lowest bin does 260-273 lm at 1.5A
  • highest bin does 338-351 lm at 1.5A

Looks like it might challenge Osrams.

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I was looking at the datasheet and this is the first one I noticed that says “do not use below 50ma” in operating limits. Any ideas why?

This is also a nice find as I can swap it into my luxeon lights for better throw.

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Aha, with our favourite footprint… Facepalm

Automotive, so they only have blinding cool white (like Osram..) Facepalm Facepalm


led4power has Luxeon boards with that stupid footprint though, so it’s usable.
Would be fun for small optics.

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If I am reading their datasheet correctly they may also have neutral white…right?

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Did I miss where is states CRI? I didn’t see it mentioned but judging by the spectral power distribution graph on page 5 it looks like it’s probably pretty horrible.

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