Amutorch AT40 XP-L HI Neutral from Neal's Gadgets

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Amutorch AT40 XP-L HI Neutral from Neal's Gadgets

Just received this last night (fastest free shipping ever). I ordered this light a few reasons:

1. My AT40 4x Nichia has a clip alignment issue that I’m not sure will ever be resolved, so I can easily swap the body heads back and forth onto this new one (the clip is well-aligned on it).
2. I thought it would be cool to have a more traditional light in addition to the aspheric mule Nichia variant.
3. Because I can’t stop myself and I really like the look of this light and its form factor.

Anyway, here’s a really quick non-technical review and a couple of pictures:

Form factor and appearance: As mentioned, I love the way this light looks. The battery tube, tail cap, and bezel are titanium, and the head is aluminum. The titanium has a very natural, slightly distressed finish (acid bathed?), and the aluminum looks bead blasted. This finish seems very durable, and scratches will be very hard to notice – great for EDC and not shelf-queening. It looks the same as the Nichia variant, except for one thing – the bezel is smaller, and as a result, the overall length is even shorter (about 97mm vs. 100mm).

UI: Refreshingly simple. H-M-L reverse clicky with memory.

Output: I don’t have anything to measure output, but it’s nothing amazing by today’s crazy standards. Maybe about 1000 lumens on high? Beam color is very pleasant and totally neutral. It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I use NCR18650GA, VTC4, or VTC5 battery.

Workmanship: I would rate the workmanship to be good. There was a slight flaw, but I modded it out. Check the pictures and let me know if you can figure out what it was.

Misc: The stainless steel clip is attractive, very robust and tight. Package came with extra switch boot and two o-rings. Instructions are only in Chinese.

Summary: This is a nice titanium light for a reasonable price. The form factor and appearance are the main selling points for me.

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