Fenix PD35

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Fenix PD35

I had a Fenix UC 35 for some time I liked that it had a charging port built in but I have been reading that the PD 35 2.0 is brighter but it does not have a charging port not that I care because I will just buy the battery with the built in port.

What if any is anyone’s take on the Fenix brand I ordered one from Ledsupermall located in China lucky me I placed my order just before the Chinese New Year and it will take some time to get here in Texas.

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Good luck getting your light in timely manner. I bought a Convoy L6 for a friend of mine from Banggood back on 1-12-2019. WAY BEFORE CNY. Nothing. I will wait until end of month. No reply Paypal/credit card dispute opened.

Back to PD35 The light is same output as UC35. I own both. Not noticeable differences.

I also own the PD35 TAC with strike bezel.

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If you have the older version UC35, the new PD35 V2.0 will have a different LED and beam profile, not quite as floody as the older PD/UC35 but more throw with a more pronounced hot spot. The newer LED is also more efficient giving you a longer battery life in all modes. I prefer the updated 2.0 version for the additional throw and battery life. The Fenix brand in general has a slightly higher build quality than most others in my opinion.