Which second charger to get?

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Which second charger to get?

I’m getting a second Li-Ion charger, as I need another one besides my Gyrfalcon All-44. Two features that I really want to get are:

- Capacity check (via charge-discharge cycles)
- Internal Resistance Reading

Are there any good ones that support both of these functions? I’m getting the sense that the LittoKala Lil-300/Lil-500 has suspect IR measurements, and that’s the only one I know of that offers it.

As an aside, I’m also open to getting a separate IR meter if cost is reasonable. There are some ~$10-15 electronic boards I see on Aliexpress that claims to test it, just not sure if anyone had good experience with it. Usually packaged IR meters run $40 and that’s too much to spend. And I also realize I can do the measurements manually with a bit of math but I’m too lazy Smile


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My first charger was an Opus 3100 v2.2.


My second one will be a smaller one I can power from a 12v cig lighter socket in a car, so I can charge cells while traveling.  Still looking at choices on those.





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The Zanflare C4 fits both of your requirements (except perhaps being small) as mine came with a 12v car charger too.


HKJ latest review of the Nitecore UMS2 seems to fit the bill for something smaller.  Just use whatever 2A car USB adapter you have.