About 10 minutes at full output D4 XPL-HI 3A...

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About 10 minutes at full output D4 XPL-HI 3A...

This is inspired by peg matite’s post , “About 100 seconds (D4S) “

Also, this is inspired by my own experience tonight with the D4 XPL-HI 3A. First of all I live in Florida, so the last few days and the next few days will reach close to 80 degrees F. The Low tonight will be around 42 Degrees F. So it is warm here and it causes the D4 to step down pretty quickly, even with it set on the highest thermal temperature. As in maybe 8 or 10 seconds then a step down.

So I was riding shotgun tonight and the car said it was 54 degrees outside, and we were traveling about 50 MPH on some back roads nice and dark. I decided to unroll the window and put the light on max brightness 4,300 lumens and see how long it would take it to step down holding it out the window. Well, I started with the Samsung 30Q at 4.20 volts and left it and my freezing hand outside the car window for about ten minutes, maybe more. The same thing on the trip back, and the ending voltage was at 3.5 volts with no step down . Just the slow curve as the cell got sucked of it’s juice like a chain vaping maniac.

Now I love the Florida weather, but I can’t imagine how much more time all of you get in the northern states before stepping down than us down here in Florida. I was impressed, and if it gets below 50 degrees F again this year, I will do it again. LOL