Suggestion: Soda Can w/charging port

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Suggestion: Soda Can w/charging port

I was showing a friend my BLF Q8 tonight and we started talking about these soda can lights. He asked if there was one similar to the Q8 that had a charging port. I thought about it and was wondering if any of you had a suggestion. A Q8 similar type light that could charge the batteries via usb or some sort of port. Just trying to eliminate a battery charger for someone that doesn’t wants a simple set up. Thank you for your suggestions.

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My very own high current Beryllium Copper springs Gen 3:
Liitokala Aliexpress Stores Battery Fraud:

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I’ve avoided lights with charging ports due to the poorly designed covers. If a company used a threaded double sealed cap I might consider it but as long as the only option is a stopper type cover… no thanks.

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Olight SR Mini II, it’s a conservative 3000 lumens design (XM-L2 CW only) but it’s an old model so there’s that.
Olight X7R also, but it’s another price range…

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