Dedicated bike light or... ?

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Mike C
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1stein wrote:
Required amount of light is very dependable on scenery. To have a ride on paved (even) roads 0.2A can be sufficient. To ride in woods you need much more light to see the path well.

True indeed! Only objecting to the statement that spill will blind people (without mentioning anything about output). 0.2A is sufficient for me on paved bike roads in darkness riding fairly fast, but I sure would turn it up a bit if I was going to ride in the woods in darkness. I wouldn’t be as concerned about blinding people in the woods though.
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BlueSwordM wrote:
Yes. Direct fit.

Thanks. What tool do I need to unscrew the driver/pill in order to get to the lens? Retaining ring pliers, I’m guessing?
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Thanks for posting the beamshots and links to optics.

I hadn’t thought about TIR lenses working this way, it has given me a few ideas for biking and running and possibly materials/project inspection.