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kat wrote:
Kickstarter is scam heaven.
Basically all these crowd funded projects are nothing but scams.
I haven’t seen a single project that ended up delivering what was promised.

Oh really? So you’ve personally tried or seen all the Kickstarter projects and can testify that what you say is true?

I’ve participated in several Kickstarters and have gotten more or less what was promised. There have been and likely will be scams on Kickstarter and I wouldn’t never dispute that but to say they’re all scams is 100% bullshit.

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I agree.

Although there are scams on Kickstarter, there are also many legitimate projects that wouldn't exist without the platform.

As always, be vigilant to try to avoid the scammers but know that not everyone is trying to scam you.

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This is true. I’ve got several in my profile that have been delivered. There’s also several that got cancelled. I’m one of the few thousand that got my coolest cooler though. Unlike 25,000 other people.


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probably mixing up intensity with total light

candelas vs lumens


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