Xtar VP4C review

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Xtar VP4C review


This review will be dedicated to a new Xtart charger, the VP4C.

Link to the charger page on Xtar website

So, what is so interesting about this charger?

Well, the charger is really easy to use, the display is very informative and have great viewing angles. The LED’s above the slots let you know the charging status very clearly, without even getting close to the charger.

Let’s start

The charger comes in a really compact white carton box.

The secret behind such tight packing lies in a really spartan bundle.

User manual. This is one of those rare cases where you can easily skip reading it, using the charger is really easy.

Here it is. Like usual from Xtar, no quality issues here. Please notice that the slots are marked with the current that can be set.

Well, what you see is what you get. A really nice charger, and easy to use too.
The default current is 0.5 A, pressing the button will change it to 0.5 and 0.25. When 4 cells are installed, the maximum current that can be set is 0.5A.
The current and voltage that is displayed matches measured by my DMM.
A green LED above the slots means that the battery is not installed, or the charging process has finished.
Red LED – means charging in progress.
The viewing angles of the display are great, the rails move smoothly.

Conclusion, final words
A very decent, easy to use charger from a respactable manufacturer. If you need an easy to use lithium charger, this one could be a great option.

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