Fasttech sent a wrong item but denies that

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I even use honey in my coffee if I have some stray packets lying about (eg, from 7-11). Nice “coloring” to the flavor, but too much and it just gets nasty.

Depends on the flavor-context, I guess.

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I have a dispute on AX right now for a mic boom that doesn’t adjust over 1/2 way up because of some misaligned holes. Of course I opened a dispute, explained it, and showed a video. Apparently they don’t bother reading English when there is a video, because they judged the video invalid because it moved a little. WTF?

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Before I had a (single) good experience with FT support. There were troubles. They were humane, we could talk, I had concerns, they had concerns, we worked out something that satisfied both sides.

This time the experience was outragious.

I do believe that public backlash is what made them give a better offer. Really I still feel distaste. I knew what to do to press them. How many others accept the token meant to wipe their tears because they don’t see a better way out?

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I really Big Smile love plátanos (spanish for banana). In Spain we have have handy inland production from the Canary Islands.

Keeping bananas in the fridge prevents them from ripening, at least mostly. So, setting them in the fridge at the exact ripe point is wise advice.

Tip for a nice way to obtain banana or other sort of fruit jelly: freeze the fruit. Water slightly expands on freezing, and of course contracts again while turning liquid. This makes nearly all of the blender's work. Just take out a banana from the freezer and wait for it to defrost. Don't worry if it looks Innocent black, that's normal. Peel it, and eat your tasty jelly. Delicious! Big Smile



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