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ZoomieFan wrote:

I posted that photo with the arrows that I added, to demonstrate to HDS people that the XPG3 sucks!
I will try to link you to my original post with that photo , though CPF is running hella slow and may not load atm.. back in a flash… go through that thread, you will see a lot of pics showing how terrible the tint is of the XP-G3, and you will see Hogo display his ignorance about tint shift

so they tarred and feathered me and ran me out of town
after which I sold my HDS in disgust for the ignorance and fanboyism of that crowd

in any case, the owner of those lights admitted that the object at the end of the arrow is indeed a red frisbee, not a yellow one

so, what else do you need to know?
more lumens, showing the wrong color is imo, NOT better than less lumens showing the correct color

but HDS people just buy the most lumens, because people think lumens matter more than CRI.. I feel the opposite

if its not High CRI, I do not care how high the lumens are.. I dont want to harvest yellow frisbees, only to find out I chose a poisonous Amanita Muscaria by mistake, because my Low CRI, Green/Yellow tinted XPG3 misled me


Now about filters
If you filter an LED that already has negative R9 (red output), the filter cannot add Red that is not already there, it will just make things marroon, or some other non Red color

so the bottom line, for me, is to start with a High CRI LED with High R9 (Red) output

then if you want to massage the tint, filter to your hearts content

more lumens of negative R9 wont make the light produce Red that it cannot produce

dont kid yourself, a filter over a low CRI LED will NOT match the color rendering of a High CRI LED with high R9 output

here is some more info about the XP-G3 that I love to hate