Xtar VP4C Premium LCD Li-ion Battery Charger Review

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Xtar VP4C Premium LCD Li-ion Battery Charger Review

The first thing I noticed out of the box about the charger is that it is well made and solid. No components rattled or were loose. Metal sliders and springs are high quality metal. The appearance of the unit is sleek and high tech. The size is virtually the same as the older Xtar VC4 model but gives the impression of a more sophisticated and premium product. During the charging time not one of the batteries became hot to the touch only slightly warm. They remained cooler in temp than any other battery charger I have ever used. When removing the batteries after charging I noticed that the charging slots were longer than my Xtar’s VC4’s. Way to go Xtar.

List of batteries used:
Xtar 18650-3.6V-10Amp-2900mAh-10.44Wh
Sofirn 18650-3.7V-3000mAh
Folomov 18650-3.7V-2600mAh-9.62Wh
Samsung 18650-30Q
EagleTac 18650-3.7V-3400mAh-12.6Wh
Xtar 14500-3.7V-800mAh-2.96Wh Black and Gold.
Vapcell 14500-3.7V-1000mAh Gold

Brand of cell.          Folomov EagleTac Sofirn    Xtar

Charge bays.         (1)           (2)           (3)         (4)

Beginning voltage. 3.00V      3.05V      3.60V    3.59V

Charging current.   500ma    500ma     500ma  500ma

Charging time.       2:12:00   2:45:00    1:41:00 1:38:00

Ending voltage.      4.12V     4.20V       4.20V    4.17V


Brand of cell.                   Xtar 14500           Xtar 14500
Charge bays.                  (1)                         (2)
Beginning voltage.          3.12V                    3.18V     
Ending voltage.               4.18V                    4.20V              
Charging current.            500ma                  500ma
Charging time.                1:24:00                 1:12:00 

 Day 3 
Battery Depletion Day!

Day 4
Brand of cell.                   NCR1865B                 30Q             
Charge bays.                   (1)                               (2)
Beginning voltage.          3.60V                           3.55V                  
Ending voltage.               4.18V                           4.20V           
Charging current.            1 amp                          1 amp                       
Charging time.                 1:49:00                       1:27:00  

Brand of cell.                 Vapcell ICR 14500 1 Amp.
Charge bays.                 (3)                                 (4)
Beginning voltage.         3.45V                            3.43V                    
Ending voltage.              4.19V                            4.20V 
Charging current.           0.25A                            0.25A
Charging time.               3:56:00                         4:06:00  

Day 5

Brand of cell.                   Xtar 18650 3100Mah
Charge bays.                  (1)                    
Beginning voltage.          3.42V                    
Ending voltage.               4.18V 
Charging current.            1 Amp                          
Charging time.                3:36:00

Definitely a recommended charger. While charging all the batteries used they only became slightly warm.
***Please note. Xtar provided me the charger free of charge. All charging times are rounded up to the nearest minute.

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