Just got a 2006 Ford Escape for $200, Trying to make it a daily driver for cheap

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Texas_Ace wrote:
JaredM wrote:
So there are a bunch of hits for this model and bad transmission range sensor. This tells the pcm what gear it’s in. Might be something to look into if other things don’t pan out.

In case it comes to that.. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000C7ZR90/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_MELCFbXRV5DWX

Interesting, at least it is cheap, I need to look through the OBD output again and see if it outputs anything about the gear.

This is seeming less and less likely. If the trans shifts properly and the dash gear position indicator is accurate, then I would forget about it for now.


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JaredM wrote:
A plugged exhaust takes a few seconds to build up pressure and then cause issues. I would say this would be under 15s for sure and likely around 5-10s. I don’t know if I can rule that out from the descriptions so far..

The fact it runs good for a short time leans me towards exhaust or electronic.

To be clear, if your startup cold, immediately slam into low gear and go WOT, will it exceed 4k rpm?

I have not actually tried that, I live on a corner so I have to turn after a few feet so don’t generally get above 4k. I can try that tomorrow though when it is cold.

A clogged exhaust is possible, I have not completely ruled it out, sometimes it seems likely, others very unlikely.

I intend to spray the exhaust bolts down with penetrating oil for a few more days at least before I try to loosen anything.

I could pull the muffler off pretty easily since I replaced it, although not sure that would do anything except tick off the neighbors lol.