Test/review of LG 18650 H26 2600mAh (Gray)

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Test/review of LG 18650 H26 2600mAh (Gray)

LG 18650 H26 2600mAh (Gray)
Official specifications:

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This is a high current cell with moderate capacity.
DSC_7727 DSC_7728
These discharge curves looks impressive, they tracks nearly perfectly and capacity do not vary much from 0.2A to 30A load current.
This is one of the top high current batteries.
Notes and links
The batteries was supplied by Vapcell for review.
How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries
Graphical comparison to 18650 and other batteries
Table with all tested LiIon batteries

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Thanks HKJ! I was unaware of this cell. It does look very good. Gives the Sony vtc5’s a good run.

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Looks to slightly beat a VTC5A. I would still rather use VTC6 or 30Q though.

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Thank you for the test.

Another gentlemen reviewed this battery and gave it high marks in performance.

However,One issue where he did NOT recommend the battery was a very Thin positive contact that dents easily. Vapcell also re wraps this .

What was your analysis of the positive contact and how thin it supposedly is? He said he never saw such a thin positive contact.


vapcell Dennis
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Thanks HKJ Beer

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Thanks for the great review, HKJ, Sounds like a great battery. Can’t find one at my normal retailers but when I can, I’ll be buying some.

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BIV777 wrote:

Another gentlemen reviewed this battery and gave it high marks in performance.

However,One issue where he did NOT recommend the battery was a very Thin positive contact that dents easily. Vapcell also…

You mean gentleman and Mooch. Concerning the positive contact thing I can say I've seen cells badly dented out of a fall inside a flashlight, and witnessed small dents in the rear just by the sheer pressure of my tailcaps.

These cells are industrial products meant for battery pack assemblies, welded or soldered. I guess those who design their cans don't think there is a need to make them super tough.

A (low temperature) solder flat blob is a good reinforcing measure.


According to Mooch the performance of this cell is VTC5D class.

Henrik I guess you place the temperature sensor over the cell wrap but, thermocouple or thermistor?


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