Judging proprietary form factor LiIon battery packs?

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Judging proprietary form factor LiIon battery packs?

We're all familiar with the common brands of LiIon cells:

Samsung, Panasonic, LG etc.

In the past I've replaced the battery packs in my wireless home phones with EBL battery packs.  I chose EBL only because the brand is not totally foreign to me thanks to HJK, and EBL has a decided presence on Amazon with generally decent reviews.

I'm needing to consider replacing the battery packs in the Scala Rider G9x helmet-to-helmet communicators my wife & I use when we're on our motorcycles.  They're far out of warranty, and have been in regular seasonal use for 10 yrs. or so.  Scala does not sell battery packs.

Capacity has gradually dwindled to where the communicators will no longer run for a full Ridin' day when we're touring.  A typical touring day is 8 - 12 hrs., with the devices being shut off once or twice for one-half hour to one hour while we eat lunch or take an extended break.  Communication is very useful, especially when we've been separated by a few cars in heavy traffic while passing through an unfamiliar congested area.  If we lose communication it can really complicate things.

I'm asking if anyone has any experience or advice on the unfamiliar brands of replacement battery packs I'm seeing on Amazon.  I have no idea who makes the cells inside, what to look for in the descriptions, etc.  They can be viewed here:



Thanks for your time everyone.



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