Astrolux FT03 and 21700 problems

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Astrolux FT03 and 21700 problems

I used in the FT03 xhp35 and xhp50.2 the Golisi 21700 S35. Both torches had led flickering and also ramp lock. What can be the cause? Excessive length of 21700 or problems with golisi? With modest 26650 of sofirn everything is fine. I thank those who can help me.

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The length might be a bit too much.
I experienced the same problem, it seems the whole construction is compressed too much due to its length

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Ohh boy…I about to plan to used 21700 since my FT03 still on shipping…

Probably I’m gonna order 26650 form on AE

SHOCKLI 26650 30A

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