What are these: Smooth ramping with tail e-switch in AA zoomies?

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What are these: Smooth ramping with tail e-switch in AA zoomies?

I bought these AA lights years ago to replace D-cell Maglites in our vehicles. I think the brand name on them belongs to a chain of car accessory stores. They zoom by rotating the head and have a rear clicky push switch. They have an interesting UI:

Click turns on at max;
Click and hold turns on at max, then smoothly ramps down and blinks at min;
Click again within 2 sec of releasing the button gives SOS; after 2 sec turns off;

They have the usual failings of zoomies of their day: ghostly bluish light, dark centers to the flood pattern with some colour fringing. The focus stops short of projecting the rectangular pattern of the emitter die, so the spot is quite useful. The biggest failing (at least in my application) has been parasitic drain. Even expensive primary lithium cells (chosen for their ability to survive heat in a car) are usually dead when needed. I learnt the hard way that unscrewing the tail cap a little does not prevent parasitic drain in a light with a tail e-switch. Apart from that, they are remarkably robust and still function as good(?) as new.

An interesting feature for those with troubled FW3As is the little raised tongues on the central plate inside the tail cap. These lights will keep contact with the inner tube even when the tail cap is quite loose.