Expanded Phone Battery?

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Expanded Phone Battery?

My phone battery has expanded, time to recycle or can I still use it? Concerned about safety.

I’ve had it about a year, off brand (ombar) since I couldn’t find known OEM for my old phone. Replacement came already.

Battery suggestions for an S5 welcome. OEM great if possible.

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Time to recycle it.

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discharge then recycle.

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I’ve got one for my camera right now. It is now a tight fit into a very limited slot. So, the slot alone may dictate when to stop.
It’s also lost half it’s capacity. I’m ‘semi’…comfortable with this scenario as this will happen to lipo batteries for RC flying. You watch them carefully, and decide based on experience (which is often bad experience) when to quit playing Russian roulette.

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NOHON batteries are of top quality, bought many already. Depending on model they may be even better than genuine.


For an S5: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32747240635.html

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