16340 - 28 Mah?

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16340 - 28 Mah?

Ok... so I've got two sets of Ultrafire 16340 (the grey ones from DX)  , Bought them in early 2011 ,  then also around mid 2011 I bought a set of grey trustfire 16340's from DX also... 


I used the batteries maybe 5 times,  they have been shelf queens (spares) for my sureifire 6p with malkoff M60 dropin....


Well, today I got my surefire out to use it a little, and the damn thing cut off after about 2 mins of use.   Instant cut-off (protection circuit kicked in?)


I took the batteries out of the light, put the spares in,  same result 2 mins later, DEAD.   So i started to inspect the batteries and one of them had brown looking shit coming out of the top of it,  so I took it outside and threw it far far away.   I charged and discharged them and they measure around 25-35 mah on my acucell 6...  What the heck?  the ultrafires didnt last a year, and the trustfires didnt even last 6 months...  I've never had any trouble out of li-ion batteries until all 6 of these.

Anyone know why the heck they measure 25-35 mah?  Sometimes The acucell 6 wont even charge them, says "Connection Break" .   One of the batteries read like 500 mV after getting the connection break error. 


Just seems like these batteries were pure junk from the beginning... 


Any ideas on what kind of replacement 16340s I should buy?  I sure as heck wont get those again.

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