Sofirn SP36 spewed toxic chemicals throughout my entire house

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WalkIntoTheLight wrote:
Firelight2 wrote:
Regarding tone on this forum: I completely agree with you Jake.

I think if he was a regular contributor on this forum, he’d get a bigger break from people. But, he’s a newbie with over 40 posts bashing Sofirn and others, without seeming to accept any resolutions offered to him. I don’t think it’s surprising he’s getting some push-back.

In reading through this thread, I see posts where Jake is seeing the help and advice and coming to a good conclusion. But then he’s hit with an aggressive or condescending post dissecting his posts. Naturally he gets defensive at seeing this. That’s human nature.

Then some others come in and attack Jake not having read back a few posts to realize that he was just defending himself. That’s NOT productive and makes it more likely Jake will miss good posts (like DBSAR offering to postmortem the light) while trying to defend himself against bad.

Jake suffered a very serious flashlight malfunction and has come to the right place to get advice and information on what happened. It shouldn’t be necessary to have 1000+ posts in order to be treated as a friend here. Let’s keep these forums friendly.

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I’m in with the suggestion for sending the light to DBSAR.

Now, we shall see Jake’s response to this suggestion which he has never talk about.

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Well, taking up the OP’s suggestion to moderate this thread, that sounds like a good idea. I think this thread has served its purpose and everything that needed to be said has been said.

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