Waveform Lighting FilmGrade White LED Strip (3200K & 5600K, CRI95)

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Waveform Lighting FilmGrade White LED Strip (3200K & 5600K, CRI95)

I got these 6 inch sample strips in 3200K and 5600K from Waveform some time ago, just forgot to post about them.

The short sample strips used to be free but now they include a 12V AC-DC adapter with it and the bundle costs $14. A 5 meter / 16ft strip is $109. The strips come with an easy to attach clip for the power supply cables.

Store link:

-Available in 12V and 24V configuration, 15cm/6” samples only in 12V
-1500 lumens per meter
-95+ CRI and R9 >80 (R9 > 90 for tungsten)

I tested the strips with a bench power supply and measured the forward voltage vs. current. The output is very close to the specs if linearly scaled from 15cm to 1 meter. Remember that the output will diminish with longer strips due to voltage drop unless you feed in the power to the strip in several places.

-For the 3200K strip I got 1360 lumens per meter at 11.73V and 200mA for 15cm
-For the 5600K strip I got 1420 lumens per meter at 12.15V and 200mA for 15cm

For 1 meter the current would be ~1330mA.

Color rendering and tint is great on both. I measured these integrated at 200mA at slightly below 12V.

3050K duv -0.0003
CRI Ra 99, R9 98, R12 86
TM-30-18 Rf 95, Rg 101

5230K duv -0.0009
CRI Ra 96, R9 86, R12 77
TM-30-18 Rf 91, Rg 99

Tint doesn’t change much below rated voltage and low currents.

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Nice values. Thanks for posting.

I still have no use for led strips in our home. Maybe one day we move out of the city to a real house and then I can have a proper room for my hobby(-s), led strips seem a good way to light a work bench.

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Thanks for the review!

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So, if I reverse-calculated correctly, you’re measuring an output equivalent to around 12 lumens per emitter.

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