Some Capacity Measurements Using DLYFULL Pro Charger

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Some Capacity Measurements Using DLYFULL Pro Charger

I have had a DLYFULL Pro charger/tester for a week or two now and have tested a few batteries and had pretty reasonable readings. Some bogus 30Q’s I got from Amazon before I knew better were the only cells that registered way below their rating, but I was surprised that the only other one off a somewhat significant amount were Molicel.

Molicel P26 from Illumn measured 2,350 to 2,400 rated 2,600 (measured two)
Blue (Brand?) 26350 from Mtn Elec measured 2,100 rated 2,000
Fake 30Q from “Amazon” measured 2,200 rated 3,000
Sanyo 18650GA from Zebralight measured 3,450 rated 3,500 mAh

Anyhow just FWIW playing around with it. I like it well enough for $30 or so it works fine and good display but imagine the new Vapcell and in-development BLF charger will be better. I am impatient and wanted to get capacity and IR measurements that my VP4 won’t do.

Probably biggest con is the lowest charge current is 500 mAh which less than ideal for some cells.