[Review] Thrunite TH01 Headlamp (1500 lumens, Cree XHP50 NW, 18350, MicroUSB Recharging)

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[Review] Thrunite TH01 Headlamp (1500 lumens, Cree XHP50 NW, 18350, MicroUSB Recharging)

Thrunite has a new headlamp it’s introduced with the TH01. It’s using an 18350 battery and Cree XHP50 LED (in Cool or Neutral white) and is capable of short bursts of up to 1500 lumens. Thanks to Thrunite for sending this to me to take a look at and review.

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Packaging & Accessories
The TH01 ships in a rather plain almost cubic cardboard box like other Thrunites. It’s not a retail package so it really has limited info externally. Inside there is a large piece of foam where the light is sitting and underneath is the head strap and other accessories. Included accessories is the headlamp itself, 1100mAh 18350 battery, Headstrap, microUSB charging cable with an extra long microUSB connector, an extra USB port cover and oring, and the associated paperwork.

The TH01 is made from aluminum and is anodized black. Build quality here is good but nothing over the top. Instead of being a right angle light, the lens and LED assembly is in the middle of the battery tube, making the light in this configuration short and stocky. The XPH50 is a fairly large emitter, and its surrounded by a wide and shallow orange peal reflector and topped with AR glass lens. A little closer to the body there are some bars milled in for grip to help you rotate the light in the headpiece assembly

Each end features knurled end caps, when on your head the left side is where you will find the single control button, which has a large raised silicone button, with LED’s underneath to give you a charge indicator during charging (Red/Green), and then the MicroUSB port for charging. One note on this USB port is that it’s recessed slightly deep. While I can use a standard cable (I tried with a Monoprice and Anker cable) the connection that resulted is poor and it’s easy to bump loose. If I used the cable Thrunite provided in the package the connection is solid. The difference is the Thrunite cable’s MicroUSB end is just a little longer. This is really an unfortunate design choice.

The right side is the side that opens to remove or replace the battery. There is a single large diameter spring in the tail cap that maintains electrical contact and keeps it from rattling around. Threads are a fine ACME cut, short and dry. Thrunite made an interesting design choice here and that the diameter of the tube is a good deal larger then needed for the 18350 battery. It has a small shelf that runs the length of the tube, and you can see they ran wires here as well as put a copper coin in here to dissipate heat. If the tube was longer here and the inside changed slightly I could see this morphing into a 21700 version of this light in the future.

Size & Weight & Comparison
I measured the following dimensions of the TH01. Overall Length was 67mm, diameter of the body tube only 27.5mm. Diameter of the lens 27mm and diameter of the body + lens assembly 34mm. Weight with the included battery is 78.9g.

A headlamp that I have that’s somewhat comparable is the Olight H1R Nova. It’s a smaller right angle light running a RCR123 battery with considerably less output and battery capacity but is somewhat similar in length. Diameter of the Olight is about ½ that of the Thrunite TH01. The Olight’s weight with battery is 46.2g so almost ½ lighter.

To me these lights kind of serve different segments of the market, with the Olight being a more limited use light, less capacity and output. I personally use mine in my car in case I have a flat tire with a CR123 so that it better handles the extreme temp changes. The TH01 i see used more for camping or around the house where you want more runtime but still fairly light weight.

LED | Beamshot | Night Shots
The LED being used on the Thrunite TH01 is the Cree XHP50, no generation number is given. It’s a fairly large LED in physical size. Lucky Thrunite continues to offer this light in Cool or Neutral white. I have the Neutral white version and the tint here is on the warm side which I personally prefer.

The beam profile is good for this type of task headlamp. It has a very wide overall beam profile (I would guess about 170 degrees), but it has a fairly large hot center with good spill. The beam tint in my neutral white example does shift in the very center to a more white tint. Overall the tint is slightly warm and a little green. The tint in the very center does shift more to a true white which can happen with the XHP50 LED.

As expected a light producing upto 1500 lumens, can consume quite a bit of power. That said in the lower modes the runtimes are more reasonable. In turbo the light lasts for just over 5 minutes before stepping down to 450 lumens this then lasts for about 55 more minutes before the lights starts stepping down more aggressively ending up with an overall runtime of just over 60 minutes. This is short but the light gets much better battery life if you go with one of the lower modes. High mode outputs 450 lumens and it can sustain this for 3 hours. When the battery is low the light starts to flash to let you know to recharge the battery. Low voltage protection kicked in at 3.05V.

Heat is well controlled on this light. I started the light out on Turbo and at 1 minute it measured 83F, at 5 minutes 108F, at 10 minutes 95F.

UI here is very simple and straightforward. One button to turn the light on, long press to cycle through the modes, double click to go to turbo. Long press from off turns the light on in firefly mode. Triple click to go to SOS. The light does have memory mode and will remember the mode you were last in with the exception of Turbo or firefly.

This light charges via a micro USB connector on the body of the light. Unfortunately it’s recessed slightly deeper then standard, meaning the standard cables I tried to use from Anker and Monoprice resulted in a loose connection. The ThruNite cable that was included’s male end is just slightly longer and this makes all the difference to lock in that connection. Recharging on this light is pretty conservative at 500mA, meaning it took 2 hours and 41 minutes to charge the included 1100mAh battery. I would have liked to see a bit more speed here, 750mA would be perfectly save and save 25% off the charging time. Charging stopped at 4.163V. The light will come on in Firefly mode (0.6 Lumens) while recharging.


  • Neutral and Cool White are both available! It’s great to see Thrunite still offer this while other manufacturers seem to be stopping.
  • Pretty affordable smaller headlamp with a battery


  • A slightly more deeply recessed MicroUSB port means a standard cable makes a poor connection. I would prefer USB-C anyways.
  • While it doesn’t rattle, the body tube’s diameter is a good deal larger than needed.
  • Charge rate is quite conservative, and some would argue slow, since its max charge rate is 500mA, and charging takes about 3 hours. This is like 0.5C so exceedingly safe.

An 18350 headlamp I think is a little bit of a strange size here, It’s significantly more battery capacity and max sustained current then an RCR123, but at least on the TH01 it resulted in a light that is kind of fat and longer then I feel like it needs to be. It seems like this design would scale up to an 18650 battery and almost be a better size to weight ratio as a result. The diameter of the tube seems more appropriate for a 20700 then a 18xxx battery.

Either way this puts out a significant amount of light on turbo and can sustain it for a reasonably long amount of time. However doing so really does consume quite a bit of power, so you would be better suited to only using the brightest mode you need in order to get the most runtime needed here. With the 3 strap design I could see this being useful for a runner or someone doing camping etc, provided they used high instead of turbo so they could see the 3 hours of runtime instead of 1 hour. Lastly, this ends up being fairly affordable for this level of output and Thrunites good customer service and 2 year warranty. I can recommend it with reservations.

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Every time i got a new Flashlight i test Turbo mode to see how it behaves…
Testing is very simple, i Turn on The turbo mode and measure and collect data…
I monitor with light sensor how the light behaves (drops down lumens, stay stable…)…
Down here are some of my tests… and I hope that it will help someone to learn more about the lights I tested…
Lumens values are relative to the values claimed by ThruNite… I did not measure Lumens, just the duration and dropping down of lumens…

I have a question for more experienced members:
My testing means that I turn on the Flashlight in Turbo mode and leave it until it turn off or go to firefly mode…
Flashlights got very hot after some time, but i do not turn it off, I let them run until they turn off…

Is this kind of testing bad for flashlight, and can I damage the light with that…?
I usually do not use turbo mode for long times in real life… only when I test them…

So my question is: Did I damaged my lights in some way because of this one time test run on Turbo Full Time…!

ThruNite TH01
Output & Runtime Claimed by ThruNite (Tested with ThruNite 1100mAh 18350 battery):
Turbo (1500-430 lumen; 5 mins+80 mins)
High (450 lumen; 3 hrs)
Output & Runtime – Measured: (Tested with ThruNite 1100mAh 18350 battery):
Turbo (1500 lumen 3 min. + 1000 lumen 3 min. + 450 lumen 50 min + 250 lumen 2-3 min – Red Light Flash)
High (450 lumen 1h:10min. + 250 lumen 2-3min. – Red Light Flash)

ThruNite T1
Output mode/Runtime Claimed by ThruNite (Tested with ThruNite 1100mAh 18350 battery):
Turbo: 1500Lm-408Lm (3mins+52mins)
Infinity High: 685Lm(65 minutes)
Output mode/Runtime – Measured: (Tested with ThruNite 1100mAh 18350 battery)
Turbo (1500 lumen 1min. + 1400-700 lumen 1min. + 700-430 lumen 1min. + 430 lumen 1h + 230 lumen 1-2min. – Red Light Flash)
Infinity High (685 lumen 8min. + 430lumen 1h. + Red Light – 230 lumen 1-2 min. – Red Light Flash)

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3
Output mode/Runtime Claimed by ThruNite (Tested with ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 battery):
Turbo (1100 lumens / 2.2 hrs)
Output mode/Runtime – Measured:
(Tested with ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 battery)
Turbo (1100-650 lumens 1h:10min. + 650-OFF lumens 30 min.)
(Tested with ThruNite 1100mAh 18350 battery)
Turbo (1100-650 lumens 22 min. + 650-OFF lumens 6-7 min.)
(Tested with XTAR 650mAh 16340 battery)
Turbo (950-500 lumen 21min. + 500-300 lumen 3min. + 300-OFF lumen 1min.)

*ThruNite TN12 V4
Output mode/Runtime Claimed by ThruNite: (Tested with ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 battery):*
Turbo (1100 lumens /95 minutes)
Output mode/Runtime – Measured: (Tested with ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 battery):
Turbo (1100-950 lumens 10min. + 850-800 lumens 35min. + 800-550 lumens 35min. + 550-OFF lumens 32 min.)

ThruNite T10 V2
Output mode/Runtime Claimed by ThruNite: (Tested with AA 2450mAh battery):
Medium (54 lumens /8 hours)
High (160 lumens /140 mins)
Output mode/Runtime – Measured: (Tested with Rechargeable NiteCore 14500 850mAh 1.2V battery):
High (550-400 lumens 20min. + 400 lumens 15min. – OFF)
Medium (400-220 lumens 50min. + 220-90 lumens 10min. – OFF)
Output mode/Runtime – Measured: (Tested with Rechargeable Panasonic eneloop pro AA 2500mAh 1.2V battery):
High (160-150 lumens 10min. + 150-110 lumens 1h:25min. + 110-Medium lumens 10min. + Medium-Low lumens 10 min. + …)