[Review] - Imalent LD10 - 1200lumen, OLED display, USB - by Lock

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[Review] - Imalent LD10 - 1200lumen, OLED display, USB - by Lock

Imalent LD10: small and powerful linear flashlight with 1200 lumen Turbo level, OLED display and integrated charging system. 

Packaging and content
The Imalent LD10 arrives in a rigid cardboard package with magnetic closure on which all the main characteristics of the product are imprinted. The overall package contains:
• The Imalent LD10 torch
• Laynard
• The proprietary USB cable for charging
• Plastic diffuser
• User Manual
• Internal non-removable 18350 battery

Main features:
• Uses an American CREE LED XPL HI, with 50000h lifespan 
• Maximum output 1200 lumens
• Maximum luminous intensity: 15288cd
• Maximum distance: 247m
• Max Runtime: 18h
• Multifunction OLED display
• Integrated charging system for quick and safe charging.
• 5 normal brightness levels + 1 special (Strobe)
• Direct access to the Turbo
• Memory Mode function, remembers the last setting used
• Aerospace aluminum body with type III anti-scratch anodizing
• High efficiency circuit for a constant supply of current
• Built-in thermal protection module that regulates the output avoiding overheating
• Super transparent lens with anti-reflective treatment
• Orange Peel reflector (orange peel)
• Water resistance according to the IPX-8 standard (2m)
• Impact resistance 1.5m

Measured size and weight
• Length: 72mm
• Head / body diameter: 22.5mm
• Weight: 58g (18350 battery included)

Output levels and UI
The Imalent LD10 has 5 normal brightness levels (including the Turbo) divided as follows:
Turbo: 1200-500 lm (measured 1120-485lm) – 2+56min
High: 800-500 lm (measured 790-485 lm) – 2+60min
Middle: 500 lm (measured 485 lm) – 1h9min
Middle Low: 150 lm (measured 155 lm) – 3h20min
Low: 10 lm (measured 10 lm) – 18h

Switching on / off and level selection 
To turn the flashlight on or off just a simple click on the switch.

Normal Lighting Mode 
With the flashlight on, a pressure on the Button switch will cycle the levels as follows: Low-Middle Low-Middle-High.

Direct access to the Turbo / Strobo 
Double quick click to access the Turbo. With two more quick clicks you will move to the special Strobo level.

Low Power Warning 
With the flashlight on, when the cell has a voltage lower than 3.1V, the flashing battery symbol will appear on the display to indicate that the time has come to charge the flashlight.

Intelligent Thermal Control When using the torch on high levels, for example at Turbo, the temperature rises dramatically. Upon reaching 50 ° C the torch automatically reduces the output to the level of 500lm avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts.

Memory Mode 
The torch will remember the last output level used except for the Turbo and Strobo levels.

OLED Display 
Press the switch three consecutive times to view the cell's instantaneous voltage and the selected output level on the small OLED display.

The body and materials
The Imalent LD10 is a small, robust and compact EDC, with extremely reduced dimensions and weight. It fits comfortably in a jeans pocket and, in my opinion, has the ideal dimensions to be carried inside a fanny pack as a handyman torch.
The power is 1200 lumens per Turbo with a theoretical beam of over 240mt (which means that it allows you to illuminate well up to 100-120mt)
Aesthetically, I like the LD10 a lot, nice smooth matte anodizing, and the lettering is well done.
It is comfortable in the hand, although it is small, it holds well.

The switch is made of rubber and mottled. It offers excellent tactile feedback and good grip. The run is very short and enough activation is required for activation. The click emitted is quite silent. Next to the milling switch they improve the support of the fingers and allow you to easily find the button when you are not wearing gloves. With gloves, however, it is a bit difficult to find the switch quickly.

Throughout the length of the body, a series of millings flow which improve grip.
Just like in the Imalent DM21C, in the queue we find a small OLED display and the integrated charging system.

The charging port consists of two magnetic contacts to which the proprietary USB cable supplied will be connected. Just bring the cable close to the torch that the magnet will do the rest: be careful, however, that the connection is made correctly, sometimes it happens that the cable automatically positions itself in a more advanced position, not allowing the correct recharging of the battery.

The optical part is composed of a XP-L Hi decupole, an orange peel parabola to mitigate the artifacts produced by the LED and a lens with anti-reflective treatment.
The Bezel has a beautiful light blue color and is not very prominent.

The tail is not completely flat given the presence of the switch but with a little attention you can still use the flashlight in tailstanding on flat surfaces.
Following a dimensional comparison with the older sister DM21C.

The OLED display is very small about 8x5 mm but still quite legible. Shows all information on the current output level, cell voltage, lockout, overheating warnings and cell charge status. Really comfortable!

On the edge of the tailcap there are two small holes for fixing the wrist strap.
Included in the package, there is also a rigid plastic diffuser that once installed on the head of the torch allows you to transform the LD10 into a small lantern.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The tint of the LD10 is Cool around 6000K. Aiming the torch at a wall, a large spot and a very bright spill are clearly visible. The tint is really uniform and the beam does not present any type of artifact. 

Following some Nightshot on the medium / long distance

Beamshot #1 

Beamshot #2 

Beamshot #3 

Beamshot #4 

Beamshot #5 

Beamshot #6 

Beamshot #7 

Beamshot #8 

Beamshot #9 

Beamshot #10

Final thoughts
Small, powerful and innovative, here's how to briefly describe this new Imalent model.

When you have it in your hand you have the feeling of handling a small block of metal, the build quality is excellent.

The thicknesses are abundant, the quality materials. I really like the small OLED display in the queue, and I find it very useful that the voltage of the cell is shown which allows you to understand when to recharge.

The switch is responsive even if at the beginning it was a bit hard to activate. With use it has slightly softened.
The user interface is very simple and easy to remember.

Perfect beam and uniform color have fully satisfied me.

The USB charging with proprietary cable and the fact that the battery is not removable make the nose turn up a bit but at the bottom not much. The runtime is still good as we have a 18350 inside the LD10 and the magnetic cable takes up very little space if you want to take it with you to load the flashlight anywhere.

Also in this case, as well as the DM21C, the price is quite competitive compared to the models in the same category, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Max Runtime: 18h…
….Low: 10 lm (measured 10 lm) – 18h

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Ig wrote:
Max Runtime: 18h…
….Low: 10 lm (measured 10 lm) – 18h


Yeah, there is some inconsistency in Imalent’s literature. They say 18h in one place and 180h in another.

Also, the mid/high/turbo mode spacing (500/800/1200) is too close, IMO. Might as well skip ‘hi’ and just go from mid to turbo.

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Looks pretty neat, thanks for all the great pictures and beamshot GIFs! I love the OLED display on this one, however I’m not quite the fan of the non-removable internal 18350.

What emitters do they offer? Only CREE?

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is the battery easily replaceable? i read built-in …..it’s a 18350 and it’s ok, but i hope it is not really built in and impossible to open without damage.
It should be openable because a lithium will degrade over 4/6 years and a new one would be preferable

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Ig wrote:
Max Runtime: 18h... ....Low: 10 lm (measured 10 lm) – 18h


yes...correct 18 hours...

it would be impossible 10 lumen for 180 hours with only a 18350 battery... Smile


realista wrote:
is the battery easily replaceable? i read built-in .....it's a 18350 and it's ok, but i hope it is not really built in and impossible to open without damage. It should be openable because a lithium will degrade over 4/6 years and a new one would be preferable


yes ... built in battery.. maybe it is possible open the flashlight for replace but have not tried for fear of demaging the light