Reference for my own LEDs and bulbs

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Reference for my own LEDs and bulbs

Need advice on how to format!!!

I really wanted to find out my favorite tint and learn more about quality LEDs.
I am building a collection of my favorite LEDs and reading them with my color meter and lumen tube.

Example readings:

Below here is what I currently and personally think are important values that I look for. I am new to the color industry and my preferences will always be changing. Other people may find this info not as useful.

Flashlight host: Convoy S2+ w/ standard reflector. Convoy 2.8A driver
Color meter: Sekonic C800-U @1m
Lumen tube: Texas Ace tube calibrated with maukka’s 3 lights.

Nichia 219B sw30: @2.8A
CCT: 3109K
duv: -0.0031
Ra: 95.5
R9: 81.3
R12: 88.3
TLCI: 93
Lumens: 426

Nichia 219B sw35: @2.8A
CCT: 3403K
duv: -0.0043
Ra: 96.2
R9: 94.6
R12: 86.1
TLCI: 96
Lumens: 453

Nichia 219B sw40: @2.8A
CCT: 4101K
duv: -0.0046
Ra: 96.4
R9: 87.6
R12: 79.4
TLCI: 96
Lumens: 486

Nichia 219B sw45: @2.8A
CCT: 4896K
duv: -0.0081
Ra: 96.3
R9: 96.6
R12: 76.0
TLCI: 96
Lumens: 489

Luminus SST-20 4000K FD2: @2.8A
CCT: 3943K
duv: 0.0008
Ra: 93.7
R9: 78.4
R12: 82.0
TLCI: 94
Lumens: 545

Luminus SST-20 4000K FA3 J4 (sample from Luminus CN): @2.8A
CCT: 3921K
duv: 0.0012
Ra: 95.0
R9: 80.0
R12: 81.6
TLCI: 96
Lumens: 536

Luminus SST-20 4000K FA3 J5 (sample from Luminus CN): @2.8A
CCT: 3976K
duv: 0.0013
Ra: 93.2
R9: 77.3
R12: 81.5
TLCI: 93
Lumens: 578

LED BULBS comming soon!

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