Mini Vice Suction or Clamp £6.99 @ Aldi - Brilliant

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Mini Vice Suction or Clamp £6.99 @ Aldi - Brilliant

Just got back from Aldi where they had these vices on offer , 2 types, 1 suction and 1 clamp.
These ones are NOT that mini either! The jaws are 70mm wide and open to around the same.
I had to put it on here, because I’m so impressed (which takes a lot!) for £6.99 you really could not go wrong in my opinion – so i decided to share it. No doubt you can at some point buy these in any Aldi around the world since they all sell the same things.
You can move it to almost any angle, and it’s easy to just pop on to your desk without having to go out in the cold! (in fact it’s more useful than my shed vice) it even comes with little jaw protectors in rubber – perfect for our needs! There is 2 1 star review oddly, 1 complains about the rubber base being mis shaped, but mine is fine and the other complains ‘The problem is that the suction pad needs a smooth, non-porous surface to work on’ uh, yeah, that’s the idea Facepalm Mine grips on everything half shiny, I put it on worktop, my desk and the varnished wooden dining table and it gripped so well I physically could not pull it off, the worktop and desk are both ever so slightly textured, so not ideal yet it gripped like it was screwed on!
The only thing that is missing that would be useful (since it goes to all angles) is a little levelling dot bubble, a round coin shaped one with a bubble on a circle mid point – just so you know you are level! I had one kicking around, but can’t find it as usual…….. ebay!

Workzone Suction Vice

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Nice find, going to check my local store now, and cheap as well

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Thanks for the heads up, there are two Aldi’s near me, I never set foot in ether one. Now you gave me good reason to.


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 Someone ought to start an   "Aldis great finds thread" 

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Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve stopped buying stuff from lidl and aldi because I’ve been disappointed with it, these look like they may be worth a punt though!

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I’ve been using one of these vices for a few years now and love it. Because I ‘m a fussy bugger I squared the jaws and took the float out of the screw.
Its heavy enough for soldering without using the suction cup and light holding jobs. Never used the suction cup so cant comment on it.
For anything else that is not light work I use a bigger vice.


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Looks like an excellent deal!

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That’s a steal at that price. I don’t think I’ve seen a similar value in the US.

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I got one about 3 years ago & it’s still going strong.

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That looks like a great value at about $9!

The Aldi stores I’ve visited in the US carry mostly grocery items, and a small assortment of random non-food items. Perhaps different regions have different inventory, but this vise doesn’t seem like an item I’d see in a store near me.

I have a similar vise from Harbor Freight that I’m very pleased with.

Regular price is $15.99, and the perpetual 20% off coupon brings it down to $12.79.

BTW, the Harbor Freight Coupon Database is a great site to check when planning a visit to Harbor Freight.

You can browse coupons with the links near the top of the page, or scroll down to search for specific items.

The several HF stores I visit happily scan coupons from my phone.

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Very nice, I might go along.

Sktl bought me this vice from lidl about 12 years ago for a fiver.

It used to have the rubber jaw covers too:

And this one gifted a little later from a crazy old antique dealer:

All my light work is done with these two.


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I just learned that I can buy aftermarket rubber covers. Smile
They cost half as much as a vice. Plus shipping. Sad