Trouble with Fenix 16340 USB?

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Trouble with Fenix 16340 USB?

I bought a Fenix PD25 back in July and it came with their ARB-L16-700U battery, 16340 spec with built-in MicroUSB charging. I was running my PD25 on turbo and the battery was fairly fresh, but it suddenly shut off and that was that. It seems like it tripped the battery’s internal protection circuit in a permanent fashion, because low charge voltage simply makes the PD25 step down.

I have a second identical battery purchased just a month ago and it works fine, so the light itself is ruled out. But now I’m slightly worried these 700U batteries might not be dependable. The one that broke barely had two charge cycles on it and spent most of its time running the light on its lowest output.

Anyone else have decent amounts of experience with the Fenix USB 16340? Hopefully I just got a rare lemon.

I’ll call Monday and pursue a warranty. Not sure if I want to try recharging it in the meantime, I’m not interested in burning my apartment down.

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