Xtar S1 & TZ55 FOR SALE- US Only

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Xtar S1 & TZ55 FOR SALE- US Only

I have 1 of the new Xtar S1's for sale for $150 + $15 Priority shipping in the Continental US only! Email me or PM me for more info. shoresknifesupply@wowway.com I also have a new TZ55 (Not Available Yet From Xtar) 950 Lumen T6 single mode, WP2II 2 bay charger W/Car adpt., 2- Xtar 2600Mah Sanyo batteries, and carry case for $85 + shipping. Light also available by itself for $55 + Shipping.

S1 Up2800 Lumen

TZ55 SpecsTZ55 2-18650TZ55 4-123aSI

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